Monday, July 16, 2018

Second Session - Mysteries of the Keep

Julius: Human male psychokinetic. Played by Dave. Speaks Balician and Tyrian.
Alaxander: Human male psychokinetic. Played by Ben. Speaks Balician and Elf.
Kalino: Human male fighter/preserver. Played by DM. Speaks Rammin and Tyrian.
Vashti: Human female clairsentient/water cleric. Played by my wife. Speaks Nibnese and Gith.
Guacamole: Pterran male ranger. Played by Clyde. Speaks Pterran and Giant.
Demetrius: Human male. 25 years old. Shepherd. NPC. Speaks Nibnese.
Salvador: Human male. 41 years old. Mason. NPC. Speaks Nibnese.
Agathon: Human male. 17 years old. Shepherd. NPC. Speaks Balician.
Cletus: Human male. 40 years old. Vinter. NPC. Speaks Balician.

Note: For those unfamiliar with Dark Sun, psionics are called the Will for wild talents and the Way for trained psionicists.

While exploring the upper level of the ruined keep, Alaxander found a weak spot in the floor and fell into the ground floor. He was okay, besides a bruised ankle. After confirming Alaxander was okay, Julius tried to jump over the hole. He failed and fell into the ground floor, as well. Guacamole found a large room with two doors, that would avoid the hole, and decided to go that way instead. The large room was nearly empty, sand had piled up in the corners of the room and there was rubble, where the roof had collapsed. There was a mostly intact fireplace still standing along one wall. While passing through the room, a five foot centipede crawled out of the fireplace and attacked.
This is when shotguns would be helpful.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Shepherd and the Defiler. A Dark Sun Fable.

During the 188th King's Age, Dragon's Contemplation, an intelligent Defiler lived, who was wonderfully skilled in the preparation of herbs. For years he had been occupied in searching for a peculiar kind of grass, the roots of the grass could be burned and if a man is thrown into the flames, the body would turn into gold. It occurred to this Defiler, while following a herd of carru, that he observed one of the carru eating the very grass he was so anxious to procure. He immediately rooted it up and asked the shepherd, who was near to assist him, to gather firewood. When he had collected the wood and kindled a flame, into which the grass was thrown, the Defiler, wishing to render the shepherd the victim of his avarice, asked him, under some pretense, to make a few circuits around the fire. The man, suspecting foul play, watched for his opportunity and seized the Defiler. He then threw him into the fire. Upon seeing the Defiler's body turn to gold, the shepherd abandoned his carru and decided to retire to the city. On his way to the city, with his bags of gold, the shepherd ran afoul of Elven raiders and was never heard from again.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

First Session - The Taste of Freedom

Julius: Human male psychokinetic. Played by Dave.
Alaxander: Human male psychokinetic. Played by Ben.
Kalino: Human male fighter/preserver. Played by DM.
Vashti: Human female clairsentient/water cleric. Played by my wife.
Guacamole: Pterran male ranger. Played by Clyde.

Note: Clyde's wife made plans for him on our game day, so my 7 year old son played his character instead. Clyde had failed to name his character, so my son did that for him too.

It was high sun. Alexander, Julius, Agathon, and Cletus were sharing a slave wagon as it travelled toward Tyr. The wagon had bone bars and a wood floor. The top was bone and canvas, but the angle of the sun prevented the men inside from benefiting from the shade it provided. Guacamole, Vashti, Demetrius, and Salvador were in the same scenario. Although they had benefited from Vashti's extra water ration per day.
The caravan was eleven wagons, pulled by kanks. The slavers were keeping a close watch on the slaves, but when a sand storm threatened them on the horizon, they had to choice but to roll protective canvas flaps down in front if the slave cages. They sandstorm could scour the skin off their slaves and they would not sell for very much then. They slavers then hid themselves away to wait out the storm.

A sandstorm? Now's our chance.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy Free RPG Day

Free RPG Day is a way to try new games for free. Check out all the free adventures at DriveThruRPG:

Friday, June 1, 2018

Upcoming Game

I'm excited to start running adventures under the Dark Sun once again. The party is formed.
1. Female Human Water Cleric/Clairsentient. Played by Jay.
2. Male Pterran Ranger. Played by Clyde.
3. Male Human Psychokinetic. Played by Dave.
4. Male Human Psychokinetic. Played by Ben.
5. Male Human Fighter/Preserver. NPC.

I found it interesting that the two players who are new to Athas both decided to play Psychokinetics. Ben was unable to make it to our character creation session, so he made his later without knowing what the other party members were. Interestingly, he also chose to be a human from Balic.
My NPC choice was due to the lack of magical support. Also, the Ranger is the only hit point bag, so I thought it'd be a good idea to add another fighter type. The lack of a thief might hurt them, but there are ways around that.
I'm excited to see what happens.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Shepherd and the Erdlu. A Dark Sun Fable.

A Shepherd, watching his Erdlu eating in a scrub plain, was alarmed all of a sudden by the cries of an enemy. He appealed to the Erdlu to run with him, lest they should both be captured, but the animal lazily replied, "Why should I? Do you think it likely the conqueror will place on me two sets of packs?" "No," answered the Shepherd. "Then," said the Erdlu, "as long as I carry the packs, what matters it to me whom I serve?"

Friday, May 11, 2018

Upcoming Game and Equipment List

I'll be starting an upcoming Dark Sun game. So far, I have two players who have committed to playing. One will be a Human Water Cleric/ Clairsentient. The other will be a Pterran Ranger. I have a few other players coming over to draw up characters on May 26th. I am excited to get back under the Dark Sun.

I am also working on a comprehensive equipment list for Dark Sun. To begin, I have made a clothing list. Please, feel free to review and let me know if I've missed anything. Thank you.

The rest of the equipment list is on the right, or here.