Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Session One-Hundred Ten: Chaos in the Slave Pens

The group made a plan. They would disguise themselves, with Rafiq dressing up like his father and everyone else as his retainers, except for Clavis. Clavis was a well known gladiator in Tyr and Rafiq's father was his owner, so it should not be suspicious for them to be together. They agreed and Yusef made them all disguises.
Rafiq used the way to teleport them outside of Tyr and they confidently walked up to the gates, skipping the line outside. Rafiq easily fooled the gate templar, tricking him into believing that Rafiq was actually his father. Once inside Tyr, Clavis was instantly recognized and adoring fans started mobbing around him. It took awhile to disperse the crowds and move through the merchant district.
Once the group arrived at the arena, Rafiq attempted to fool the guards there, but the guards were not fooled by Rafiq's attempt at impersonating his father. They began questioning Rafiq about why he didn't sound right, as one of the guards had just talked to Rafiq's father the day before, but Kraah quickly moved in and began to sweet talk them, explaining that Rafiq was a bit under the weather. Suspicious, but not willing to accuse a noble of a crime, the guards sent a runner to check with the noble's estate.
Then, as they were waiting, Clavis punched one of the guards in the face, which bloodied his nose. Everyone was surprised by Clavis' action, but Kraah recovered quickly and used magic to freeze the other guard in place. The guard with the bloody nose began to run and scream for help. Yusef, Selia, and Kraah began chasing the fleeing guard, while Rafiq, Clavis, and Dimitria ran inside the arena.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

After Action Report: D20 Cruise

On April 26, 2024, I boarded a plane from my native Salt Lake City, UT to Orlando, FL. I had applied and been accepted to run two 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons games aboard a cruise ship bound for Mexico, for a D20 Cruise event.
Thankfully, a good friend of mine had applied and been accepted as well. This was convenient, because I did not have to share a cabin with a stranger and some of the DMs on this cruise were pretty strange. Neither one of us had ever been on cruise, but we both had decades of experience running games.
My largest concern was my players. I was worried that my players would not like me, or like my game. Basically, I was afraid I would not be good enough.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Session One-Hundred Nine: Tyrian Conundrum

The group continued to fight the templars and the half-giant guard, but Kraah landed next to Rafiq and told him that reinforcements were on their way and would arrive soon. Reluctantly, Rafiq opened a dimensional gateway and the group fled through it. Selia was carried by Yusef and Rafiq was pushed through by Clavis.
They arrived back at the Lost Oasis. Kraah and Dimitria wasted no time in using what little healing magic they had to patch up the group. However, it was not enough and they decided to recover for the rest of the day.

Day 3, Week 2, Fifthover, Friend's Vengeance, 190th King's Age, Sun Descending

The group decided to rest and recover for another day.

Day 4, Week 2, Fifthover, Friend's Vengeance, 190th King's Age, Sun Descending

After the group had sufficiently recovered, they discussed their next move. They decided to disguise Kraah and Rafiq. Their plan was to have Rafiq pose as a slave of Kraah's and go to the client village, which the Bishara estate was near, and inquire why the Bishara estate was attacked.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Session One Hundred Eight: Return to the Bishara Estate

Kraah, Rafiq, Selia and Yusef limped through the portal and appeared exactly where and when they had left. They were not in the best of health, but didn't have much time to lick their wounds. Time resumed, as normal, and they scrambled to save Clavis, who was drowning.
Selia tied a rope around herself and handed the other end to Yusef. She then leaped into the water and saw a creature dragging Clavis into the depths. Selia used her bone dagger and stabbed at the creature. The creature fought back, but in doing so, released Clavis. Clavis floated back up to the surface and Kraah was able to push him to shore. Rafiq and Dimitria pulled Clavis out of the oasis and used their knowledge of healing to expel the water from his lungs.
Meanwhile, Selia was doing a decent job of fighting off the monster, while holding her breath. However, once Clavis was safely back on shore, Yusef began pulling the rope and Selia was whisked away from the fight. The monster tried to grab her, but failed and Selia was dragged ashore.
Kraah, Rafiq, Selia, and Yusef were badly wounded, from their fight with the efreeti, and Clavis needed time to recover from his ordeal has well, so the group decided to rest near the oasis for the rest of the day.
Kraah. Rafiq, Selia, and Yusef shared their experience in the paraelemental planes with Clavis and Dimitria. Dimitria was fascinated by the entire story, but Clavis only liked the parts with fighting. They gave the efreeti's bronze scimitar to Clavis.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Session One-Hundred Seven: Assassins!

Suddenly, the world around Selia, Yusef, Kraah, and Rafiq seemed to stand still. Selia was still struggling to keep her head above water, so Yusef threw her a rope and pulled her out. It took the group a few moments to recover and then they wondered what was happening.
Rafiq noticed that they seemed to be in a bubble and outside of the bubble, time was frozen. To test his theory, he threw a small pebble away from himself. Once the pebble was a few feet away, it froze in the air.
Suddenly, a large dimensional gateway opened inside the bubble. The group was uncertain and discussed their options. they could just leave the bubble, and possibly time would resume for them, or they could go through the portal. Kraah really wanted to go through the portal, so the rest of the group agreed and passed through the portal. Clavis was still in the water, but he wasn't going anywhere.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Session One Hundred Six: Creatures of the Forest Ridge

Rafiq was physically, but not mentally exhausted. He mentally connected to Dimitria and had her give him the location of her guarded lands. Using the way, he was able to remotely view her guarded lands and then find his way south, to the Lost Oasis. This turned out to be taxing than he thought and he had to meditate for a few minutes, to regain some mental strength.
Without warning, a huge, hairy beast leapt onto Clavis and bit him. The group was completely surprised. The beast was fast and blood thirsty, Dimitria recognized it as a sloth.
The sloth was vicious and, even when badly wounded, refused to give up. The group took some serious wounds, but were able to defeat the creature. Magically healing was applied and the group moved from the area, afraid the noise would attract more animals or, worse, more halflings.
As they moved off, they talked about what to do next. When Dimitria mentioned that they knew two of the gems were near Tyr, Rafiq asked them what they were talking about. Yusef protested, but Dimitria introduced Rafiq and Selia to the Lord of the Mind. She then explained how the gems worked and that their goal was to destroy the ogre doom. Rafiq and Selia asked what an ogre was and they told them what they knew about the extinct race. When Selia touched the Lord of the Mind, the memories of Julius, transferred to her mind.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Session One Hundred-Five: The Halflings of the Forest Ridge

As the group approached the mountain peaks, rain began falling from the sky. The group was amazed, as they had only experienced rain twice in their lives. Kraah decided to inspect the rain clouds and flew into them. The rest of the group took the opportunity to bathe themselves in the falling water.
Suddenly, Kraah found himself in strange place. The sky was dark, but he could see lightning flashing between clouds and rain pouring from one cloud to another. Being an air cleric, he knew something of the planes and realized he was on the Paraelemental Plane of Rain. What he was unsure  how he had arrived there. He began flying around to investigate.
While he was exploring, he saw a miniature sun and began flying toward it. As he flew toward it, the sun got bigger and bigger. Distances were difficult to gauge, as there was no horizon to compare objects to. He soon saw small flecks of something moving off of and around the sun. He wasn't sure what it could be.