Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why turn, when destroying is so much fun?


Lug hit his head on the mine entrance. He ducked lower and tried to enter again. He hit his head again. It was obvious to everyone, but Lug, that Lug would not fit into the Dwarven mine tunnel.
"Lug," Ren began, after Lug hit his head for a third time, "you're never going to fit. Just stay outside and guard the mine entrance."
Lug nodded, "Okay."
Lug took his position outside the mine and everyone else delved deeper. While the group cautious tread forward, Rata rushed ahead and spotted four Dwarven skeletons. Rata ran behind Ren, as the skeletons charged forward. One of the skeletons clawed Ren across the eyes, blood ran into Ren's eyes and blinded him.
He's not a Mul, but here's a picture of Roy Jones Jr reminding us that blood in the eye is just terrible.

Yaotl summoned a flame blade and Aziza ran forward with her singing sticks. Hedgar tried to push forward, but the front lines were too crowded.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?


22, Fifthover, Dragon's Agitation, 190th Kings Age, Sun Descending
The group awoke the next morning and Lug announced he was thirsty, so Ren took him to find water. Ren found a pool of dirty, but drinkable, water and Lug greedily gulped it down. Ren told Lug to see if he could find any water. Lug walked a few feet away and started complaining that a stick bit him.
I hate sticks that bite.

Ren rushed over in time to see a snake slithering away from the hulking half-giant, who started complaining of dizziness.
"Rata! I need you now!" Ren shouted.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

On The Road Again


20, Fifthover, Dragon's Agitation, 190th Kings Age, Sun Descending
Upon waking, Ren and Yaotl decided to leave ten silver pieces with Ishak, so the village could buy whatever they needed from the next trade caravan that came through. Aziza thought that ten silver may not be enough, so they left another ten.
10 more silver pieces and there might be a problem.

After eating and getting spells ready, the group packed up their air wagon. They put down dried hides to provide a more comfortable ride, as well as make it easier for the group to see the translucent wagon. Hedgar met them on the north side of the village and the group set out. Hedgar led them northeast, through the scrub plains.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Possible Allies with a Possible Quest


18, Fifthover, Dragon's Agitation, 190th Kings Age, Sun Descending
Yaotl is awoken by Aloria, who is dressed and carrying her backpack. Yaotl looked at her, confused.
"I have to go." Aloria whispered.
"Why?" Yaotl asked.
Aloria shook her head, "I cannot stay here, I have things that must be done. Private things."
Yaotl nodded, "Very well. Just remember that you are always welcome here."
Aloria nodded, turned, and walked out of the door.
Ren continued to stare at the compass as Tamar interjected, "I don't think there's much you can do about the portals at this point in time."
Ren nodded in agreement.
Tamar whispered, "The Elemental Lords believe I spend too much time here, so I do not know when I will return. Also, there is a battle coming and I must be ready for it."
Wind swirled around him, forming braces, grieves, and a breast plate. A portal open beside him.
"Farewell and good luck." Tamar said as he stepped through the portal.
Ren looked at the compass again, then Aziza took it from him. She looked it over and then handed it back. They both laid back down and relaxed.
Yaotl, meanwhile, got up and began cooking breakfast for Nora, Basheera, and himself.
Why do we let the Fire Cleric cook our food?

As he was cooking, he heard someone shouting outside. He couldn't make out the words, but it sounded angry. He stepped outside to investigate.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Book Review - "The Way of Kings" by Brandon Sanderson

Being a Wheel of Time and Mystborn fan, I recently got to meet Brandon Sanderson and pick up a copy of "The Way of Kings." It's book one of the Stormlight Archive and is 1,001 pages long.
Cover Art, without all those pesky words.
I will try to review it, without giving away any spoilers. It is a fantasy novel that takes place in a medieval-like setting, but does not take place on Earth. That's not a spoiler, by the way.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Of Orbs and Men


Yaotl thought he recognized the orb and immediately detected evil on it. It was as he feared, the same evil orb that he thought Cyrus had buried in the mountains. Ren picked it up and instantly felt invincible.
"That thing is evil." Yaotl stated, holding out a small pouch, "Drop it in here."
It's just an obsidian ball, I'm sure it's fine.

Ren enjoyed the feeling on invincibility and tried to drop in a different obsidian orb they had found earlier. Ren is not a sneaky Mul, however, and Yaotl easily saw him make the switch. Yaotl psionically put Ren to sleep, Ren fell and dropped the orb. As Yaotl leans over to pick up the orb, with a bag because he doesn't want to touch it, the west door opens. Standing in the doorway is a bald human man, dressed in sandy robes, with obsidian wrist razors, and he was holding two larger obsidian orbs.
"I want that orb!" He said, "It's calling to me."

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gain a Friend, Lose a Friend


The group came upon a side room with a locked door. Ren kicked it open, revealing a large room with a wardrobe, chest, and straw filled mattress. Upon entering, two silt elementals rose from the ground and attacked!
"Free hugs! Free Hugs!"

The elementals rushed Ren and one of them smashed Rens foot, breaking it. Ren fell back and Yaotl stepped forward, using psionic kinetic control. He let the elementals beat on him for a bit, before releasing the damage back at one of them. The elemental exploded in an impressive display.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Opposing Villainous Foes


The party charged forward, engaging the gith. Cyrus stayed back and fired arrows into the fray. The gith didn't stand much of a chance and were quickly overwhelmed and killed. Ren, Aziza, Yaotl, and Cyrus went into the room and started searching it for treasure and clues. They found some silver and a couple of kegs of cheap ale. One of them is untapped and Yaotl considered taking it out to the wagon.
Rata ignored the room and instead went to the far door in the foyer and pressed his ear against it to listen. He heard a faint sound that sounded like small creatures scuttling across sand. He opened the door and saw a dilapidated courtyard with a fountain, which was pouring silt instead of water.
Rata waited for the group to finish searching the other room and make their way over. Ren arrived first and went into the courtyard. He thought the fountain might be a site sacred to silt, so Ren decided to desecrate it, by urinating in it.
This picture sums up Rens feelings on silt clerics.

As Ren was urinating in the fountain, a black tentacle reached out and attacked him, luckily it hit Rens arm and not anything important.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Rest In Peace David A. Trampier

David A. Trampier, a pioneer in RPG illustration has passed away at the age of 59. One of the reasons for the success of Dungeons and Dragons was, no doubt, his artwork. My condolences to the family and friends he leaves behind.
Article about David from

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Attack on the Fortress


They stared at the high walls and barred gate, wondering how to get through. Yaotl activated psionic flight and flew over the wall and unlocked the gate. Ren quickly moved their cart and kanks off to the side and did his best to hide them. Everyone moved through the doors and found themselves in the room with the murder holes. Thankfully, they were unmanned.
The next set of doors were going to be more difficult to open, as the next room was covered by the roof. Cyrus phased and walked through them. On the other side were two B'hrogs, who spotted him.
"Hey!" One of them shouted, "We're gonna smash you!"
Not these guys again!
They rushed Cyrus, with clubs held high. Cyrus remained phased and let them beat on the door that was behind him. Cyrus quickly realized that them beating on the doors and waiting for them to break would take a very long time. Cyrus passed back through the doors and joined the group.
"How'd he do that?" One of the B'rohgs shouted.
"It's the Way, dummy!" The other shouted in response.

Monday, January 6, 2014

One Day Off


11, Sedulous, Dragon's Agitation, 190th Kings Age
The group enjoyed the feast that Tamar had prepared for them. They were awed by how freely Tamar used magic. Unseen servants carried food and drink to and from the table. Musical instruments played themselves and the food itself was magical as well. It appeared as a gelatinous blob, but when placed into the mouth, it instantly changed into the texture and flavor of the eaters favorite dish.
After dinner, Tamar showed them to their rooms. The beds were made of cloud, easily the most comfortable bed they had ever lain in. Suddenly there was a knock on Ren's door. He called to come in and to his surprise, a beautiful red skinned woman entered and told him that she was there to dance for him. Ren accepted and music began to play with no apparent source. She danced beautifully.
Will you allow me to dance for you?

Yaotl also had a red skinned dancer visit his room. He eagerly accepted her offer to dance for him. He recognized that she was a specialized genie from the elemental plane of fire. She was enthralled with him, due to him being a fire priest and after her dance, Yaotl seduced her. Her skin was warmer than usual. They fell asleep in each others arms.