Monday, September 16, 2013

Battle and Betrayal


Yaotl took the lead and marched toward the left adjoining room. Peering inside, he could see movement, but nothing moved towards him.
Ren moved into the right adjoining room. Inside, he saw rows of stone tables, with bodies laid out and skeletal workers removing their intestines, blood, and other organs. Also, they were sewing the corpses eyes shut.
Yaotl moved into the opposite room. Inside, he saw rows of stone tables, with bodies laid out and skeletal workers pouring sand into their mouths. When the corpses were full, the mouth was sewn shut. Yaotl wasted little time, he rushed in and smashed the skeletal workers.
Ren walked up to one of the skeletal workers and attempted to communicate. The skeletal workers ignored him and continued their grisly work. He saw no alternative and began destroying the skeletal workers as well.
Cyrus went into the rooms and decapitated the corpses. Rata sprinkled them with holy dirt and asked that their spirits would find peace in the Gray.
While the party was discussing the possibilities of what the skeletal workers could have been doing, Rata began walking down a southern hallway. The group quickly followed. Although Rata was badly injured, he boldly strode down the hall, until he came face to face with a walking corpse. The corpse had it's eyes and mouth sewn shut, but a trickle of sand leaked from the corner of its mouth. Rata ran back the way he came.
When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled.
He's brave Sir Rata

Monday, September 2, 2013

Kalid-Ma's Chosen Will be Blessed.


“It's dark,” Cyrus began, “Perfect for taking a nap.” “Agreed.” Yaotl responded, shocking the rest of the group. “We need to block the doorway.” Ren stated. Ren looked around for something to block the door, but he found nothing. Ren decided he would watch from the doorway and let the others sleep. Everyone settled down and fell asleep. Ren heard a scratching noise a couple hours later. He saw something living come around the corner and come towards them. Ren shouted to wake everyone in the room. Quickly, three horax rushed him.

"Excuse me sir, do you mind if I eat your intestines, please?"