Monday, January 6, 2014

One Day Off


11, Sedulous, Dragon's Agitation, 190th Kings Age
The group enjoyed the feast that Tamar had prepared for them. They were awed by how freely Tamar used magic. Unseen servants carried food and drink to and from the table. Musical instruments played themselves and the food itself was magical as well. It appeared as a gelatinous blob, but when placed into the mouth, it instantly changed into the texture and flavor of the eaters favorite dish.
After dinner, Tamar showed them to their rooms. The beds were made of cloud, easily the most comfortable bed they had ever lain in. Suddenly there was a knock on Ren's door. He called to come in and to his surprise, a beautiful red skinned woman entered and told him that she was there to dance for him. Ren accepted and music began to play with no apparent source. She danced beautifully.
Will you allow me to dance for you?

Yaotl also had a red skinned dancer visit his room. He eagerly accepted her offer to dance for him. He recognized that she was a specialized genie from the elemental plane of fire. She was enthralled with him, due to him being a fire priest and after her dance, Yaotl seduced her. Her skin was warmer than usual. They fell asleep in each others arms.