Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Attack on the Fortress


They stared at the high walls and barred gate, wondering how to get through. Yaotl activated psionic flight and flew over the wall and unlocked the gate. Ren quickly moved their cart and kanks off to the side and did his best to hide them. Everyone moved through the doors and found themselves in the room with the murder holes. Thankfully, they were unmanned.
The next set of doors were going to be more difficult to open, as the next room was covered by the roof. Cyrus phased and walked through them. On the other side were two B'hrogs, who spotted him.
"Hey!" One of them shouted, "We're gonna smash you!"
Not these guys again!
They rushed Cyrus, with clubs held high. Cyrus remained phased and let them beat on the door that was behind him. Cyrus quickly realized that them beating on the doors and waiting for them to break would take a very long time. Cyrus passed back through the doors and joined the group.
"How'd he do that?" One of the B'rohgs shouted.
"It's the Way, dummy!" The other shouted in response.