Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why turn, when destroying is so much fun?


Lug hit his head on the mine entrance. He ducked lower and tried to enter again. He hit his head again. It was obvious to everyone, but Lug, that Lug would not fit into the Dwarven mine tunnel.
"Lug," Ren began, after Lug hit his head for a third time, "you're never going to fit. Just stay outside and guard the mine entrance."
Lug nodded, "Okay."
Lug took his position outside the mine and everyone else delved deeper. While the group cautious tread forward, Rata rushed ahead and spotted four Dwarven skeletons. Rata ran behind Ren, as the skeletons charged forward. One of the skeletons clawed Ren across the eyes, blood ran into Ren's eyes and blinded him.
He's not a Mul, but here's a picture of Roy Jones Jr reminding us that blood in the eye is just terrible.

Yaotl summoned a flame blade and Aziza ran forward with her singing sticks. Hedgar tried to push forward, but the front lines were too crowded.