Monday, June 24, 2013

A New Friend, or a New Foe?


The group continued to march, for a couple of hours, and then settled down to rest. Ren kept watch, as usual. When dawn was a few hours away, Ren suddenly found himself being attacked on the mindscape. The landscape of his mind was mountainous and bleak, like the land he was raised in. The construct was a feral image of himself.
With a yell, the construct attacked, striking at Ren with nerve strikes. Ren called to his friends in the real world and told them he was being psionically attacked. Yaotl and Aziza rose and began searching for the attacker, but were having trouble with the unfamiliar forest and darkness.

Could you find someone hiding here, at night?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Living in the Crescent Forest is Hazardous for Your Health


Ren pulled away from Aziza and dashed off into the forest, wishing to be alone. Aziza initially chased after him, but decided to let him go. It wasn't long afterward, when Ren heard something crashing through the forest. He tried to hide, using psionic camouflage. As he hid, a giant creature crashed through the trees above him. The monster was a gargantuan lizard with multiple legs. It sniffed Ren out and stared right at him. Ren ran.
Forty feet long and hungry.