Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Dark Sun Paper Miniatures 01

These Miniatures are rather simple and fold into a tent. You can add extra weight by taping a penny to the bottom. Let me know if more of these would be of interest to anyone.
Download the PDF

Here we have gith, dune reapers, and some jhakar. I wasn't originally going to share these, as I use them for my personal use, but I thought someone might like them.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Tigone and The Snake. A Dark Sun Fable.

My eight year old son came up with this fable.

A tigone was hunting in the scrub plains and happened upon a snake. The snake was unaware of the tigone and soon found himself in the jaws of the great cat. The tigone had grabbed the snake close to its head and the snake was unable to twist and bite the tigone.
"Please!" Begged the snake, "If you release me, I'll help you hunt and together was can kill something much larger than me. I am, after all, quite small."
This sounded good to the tigone and the snake did look quite small. The tigone released the snake and agreed. The snake immediately bit the tigone on its leg and injected its venom into the cat.
The tigone cried out, "Why, when I spared your life?"
The snake slithered away laughing as the tigone died.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Adventure Idea 4

A special thank you to gigabein for their assistance.

For DM eyes only. Players should not read on.

A man is fleeing some templars in any city-state and bumps into the party, literally. No words are traded and the man flees. The templars catch up with him and kill him.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Session Twenty-Three: The Power of The Way

Note: For those unfamiliar with Dark Sun, psionics are called the Will for wild talents and the Way for trained psionicists.

Day 5, Week 1, Sedulous, Friend's Vengeance, 190th King's Age, High Sun

The group awoke inside and outside Serena's small hut. It was quite crowded with Serena, her mother, Aamina, the five children, and the six adventurers all having farro porridge and dried sand crocodile for breakfast. Serena gave Alaxander the largest helping and kissed him on his cheek.
Vashti and Shade thought they should get their map translated, but Julius convinced them that it would be wiser to not let too many people know about the map. They decided to leave Tyr just after high sun, but first they needed to make sure they had enough water. Shade also needed to pick up his repaired armor and he wanted to buy some new nice clothes to go with his boots and cloak. They also decided to sell one of their wagons, but keep all of their animals.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Dark Sun Terrain: Mountains

Himalayan Mountains, Asia
Mountain ranges consist of a series of mountains in a line and connected by high ground. There are numerous mountain ranges in the Tablelands, including the Black Spine Mountains, the Mekillot Mountains, the Windbreak Mountains, and the Ringing Mountains. These mountain ranges are made up of various types of rock and stone. While they can be very different, they are also very similar. All mountains are large landforms that rise above the surrounding area. These usually form peaks or small plateaus.
The Ringing mountains are the largest peaks in the Tablelands and the only ones capped in snow. They are made up of granite, diorite, monazite, shale, and limestone. High quality garnets are mined in the Ringing Mountains. From a distance of a hundred miles, the Ringing Mountains look like a ridge of reddish clouds hugging the horizon. As you move closer, their soft edges gradually grow sharper and more distinct. Within five miles of the mountains, the range takes on the appearance of a great wall.
The Windswept Mountains are made up of sandstone, shale, and limestone. They mark the northwestern base of the Ivory Triangle region. This high mountain range juts abruptly from the sandy wastes at the edge of the Tablelands on its northwestern side. These mountains are called the Windbreak Mountains because they protect the Gulg and Nibenay region from the prevailing west winds blowing off the Tablelands.
The Black Spine and Mekillot Mountains are made up of granite, gneiss, mudstone, and limestone. The Mekillot Mountains are an old, low-lying range in the center of the Great Ivory Plain. They're shaped like the backs of giant mekillots. The Black Spine Mountains are east of the Windbreak Mountains. They look like a huge gith, with a granite spine. Both of these mountain ranges get little rain.
There are other mountain ranges in the Tablelands as well, such as the Smoking Crown Mountains, the Kregill Mountains, and the mountain range near South Ledopolous. These mountain ranges are likely similar to the dry Black Spine and Mekillot Mountain ranges in composition, flora, and fauna.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Session Twenty-Two: The More You Know

Note: For those unfamiliar with Dark Sun, psionics are called the Will for wild talents and the Way for trained psionicists.

Alaxander Eious of Balic
The group was at Serena's hut, wondering what their next move should be. Serena was cooking, while fawning over Alaxander. He didn't mind. Shade had five hours before the meeting with Templar Tavio and Vashti told him that she didn't trust Tavio one bit.
They came to the conclusion that everyone who interacted with Tavio did not like him. They guessed that his half-giant bodyguard, Qom, and his pet psionicist, Utza, may not like him either. They decided to go talk to Utza.
They paid the gate tolls and made their way back inside Tyr. They took up position outside of the School of Thought, waiting for Utza to appear. After five minutes of waiting, Vashti and Alaxander got bored. They went to the marketplace, so Vashti could buy some crickets and honeyed grubs for snacks and Alaxander could buy a hat and scarf for Serena. Julius, Shade, and Kalino waited.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Cricket Hunter. A Dark Sun Fable

A young man was hunting for crickets in the scrub plains near his home for his families dinner. He caught enough for dinner twice over and continued to hunt for more. He saw a scorpion and mistook it for a cricket. He reached out to grab it and realized too late what it was. The scorpion stung the young man. As the poisoned rushed through his veins and the young man grew weak, his hands released the crickets he had gathered. The young man then fell to the ground. Seeing this, his mother rushed to his side.
"What happened?" His mother cried.
The whimpering young man stammered before succumbing to the poison, "I had enough, but I wanted more."

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Athasian Rabbit

Athasian Rabbit by Thomas Baxa
In the Veiled Alliance sourcebook, we learn that rabbits exist on Athas. In fact, they're one of Draj's major exports. We possibly received a glimpse of one in an illustration in the adventure, "Arcane Shadows."
Athasian rabbits are herbivores that are known for their prolific breeding habits and poisonous bite. While their poison isn't deadly, it has the ability to knock out a predator, giving the rabbits time to escape. More than one foolish rabbit herder has been poisoned and allowed their rabbits to escape.
Rabbits are small, fast, furry creatures with large ears and whiskers. Their hind legs are noticeably longer than their front legs, which allows them to hop with great speed. Their fur can vary from light brown to black and may be spotted or stripped. They stand one to two feet tall from foot to the top of their head. In addition, they have a bony ridge on their back, which can be used to make bone tipped arrowheads.
Stats after the jump.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Dark Sun Terrain: Forest

Temperate Forest in Heidelberg, Germany
Forests on Athas are living barriers that likely shelter venomous creatures looking for their next meal. Trees provide respite from the sun, but also make it difficult to spot your enemies. Of course, the strange trees and plants may try to kill you before any enemy on two legs. Rain is most common in the forests of the Tablelands and it is unlikely characters come prepared for all of that moisture. Thri-kreen chitin may rot if exposed to the forest's wetness for too long and so can leather armor and hemp rope.
There are many different types of forest and they do not necessarily look alike. This is usually based on the amount of rain fall that pours down from the sky. No place in the Tablelands get as much water as the forests. There are two types of forests on Athas, temperate forests and tropical forests.
Temperate forests tend to have trees with dense, strong wood, like agafari. The undergrowth consists of ferns, fungi, moss, and shrubs. Temperate forests are darkened by thick canopies that shade the forest floor and fog is common in the morning and evenings. The Crescent Forest and a majority of the Forest Ridge are temperate forests.
Tropical forests get more rain than temperate forests. These forests are thick with vegetation and mud. The canopy tends to be extremely thick, darkening the forest floor considerably. All of the undergrowth in temperate forests are present in tropical forests, but in greater numbers. In addition, there are flowering plants and vines. It is not uncommon for trees in tropical forests to grow to incredible heights, but the trees tend to be thinner than in temperate forests. Only the deepest parts of the Forest Ridge are tropical forests.
It's important to note that Athasians would not use the terms temperate and tropical.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all of my American readers. I too am an American and I am happy to live in this great country. God bless us all.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Klar, the Human, and the Half-Elf. A Dark Sun Fable.

A human and a half-elf were traveling near the Mekillot Mountains when a klar suddenly crawled out from behind some rocks. The half-elf scrambled up a tall rock and hid behind some smaller stones. The human, seeing there was nowhere to go, fell of the ground. The klar approached the man and felt him with his snout and smelled his body and face. The man held his breath and did his best not to move. The klar soon moved on, seemingly not interested. When the klar had gone, the half-elf climbed down from the rocks.
"I thought you were going to be eaten." The half-elf laughed, "What did the klar whisper to you?"
His companion grunted and answered, "He said to never travel with a companion who deserts you at the approach of danger."