Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Tigone and The Snake. A Dark Sun Fable.

My eight year old son came up with this fable.

A tigone was hunting in the scrub plains and happened upon a snake. The snake was unaware of the tigone and soon found himself in the jaws of the great cat. The tigone had grabbed the snake close to its head and the snake was unable to twist and bite the tigone.
"Please!" Begged the snake, "If you release me, I'll help you hunt and together was can kill something much larger than me. I am, after all, quite small."
This sounded good to the tigone and the snake did look quite small. The tigone released the snake and agreed. The snake immediately bit the tigone on its leg and injected its venom into the cat.
The tigone cried out, "Why, when I spared your life?"
The snake slithered away laughing as the tigone died.

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