Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Erdlu and the Tagster. A Dark Sun Fable.

An Erdlu and a Tagster entered into an alliance so that they might capture the beasts of the plains with greater ease. The Tagster agreed to assist the Erdlu with his strength, while the Erdlu gave the Tagster the benefit of his greater speed.
When they had taken as many beasts as their necessities required, the Tagster undertook to distribute the prey, and for this purpose divided it into three shares.
"I will take the first share," he said, "as a partner with you in the chase and the second, because I am larger and require more sustinance. I would give you the third share, but it will be a source of great evil to you, unless you willingly resign it to me, and set off as fast as you can."

Monday, August 5, 2013

Into the Mine


“If you are a friend of Roans, then you are a friend of mine.” Yaotl began. “What is your name?”
The strange man smiled, “You cannot pronounce it, but you may call me Tamar.”
“I am Yaotl. This is..” Yaotl began.
“Yes, yes, Ren, Aziza, Cyrus, and ...” Tamar looked puzzled and pointed at Rata, “I don't know who this person is.”
“I am Rata.” Rata introduced himself, “I did not know Roan.”
I am Rata. I speak for the trees!
 “Well,” Tamar smiled, “your loss.”