Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Attack on the Fortress


They stared at the high walls and barred gate, wondering how to get through. Yaotl activated psionic flight and flew over the wall and unlocked the gate. Ren quickly moved their cart and kanks off to the side and did his best to hide them. Everyone moved through the doors and found themselves in the room with the murder holes. Thankfully, they were unmanned.
The next set of doors were going to be more difficult to open, as the next room was covered by the roof. Cyrus phased and walked through them. On the other side were two B'hrogs, who spotted him.
"Hey!" One of them shouted, "We're gonna smash you!"
Not these guys again!
They rushed Cyrus, with clubs held high. Cyrus remained phased and let them beat on the door that was behind him. Cyrus quickly realized that them beating on the doors and waiting for them to break would take a very long time. Cyrus passed back through the doors and joined the group.
"How'd he do that?" One of the B'rohgs shouted.
"It's the Way, dummy!" The other shouted in response.

They group heard the bar moved and the doors swung open. The B'rohgs were surprised to see a larger group there, but were confident in their combat abilities. They attacked Cyrus first, who was still phased. Ren activated accelerate, Aziza and Yaotl rushed forward to attack. Rata cast oil spray, but missed his intended target, only
striking one of the B'rohgs. Cyrus cast command and shouted for one of them to sleep.
Ren ran forward and knocked the oil covered B'rohg out. As the other was trying to lay down to sleep, the rest of the party attacked him. He was confused as to why he was trying to sleep during a fight and
started to rise. Ren ran over and kicked him in the head, knocking him out.
The group saw a portion of the ground, where some of the oil was draining. Rata struck the spot and it broke away, revealing a pit of silt. The room contained four other doors, so Rata decided to open the door on the right.
There was a large room on the other side. The windows were bricked up and torches lined the wall, providing light. There was a stone table at the far side, with two unlit ceramic candle sticks and a large bowl of silt. On the floor was a tattered rug, where a beautiful human woman stood. She was dressed in a revealing sandy colored gown and on her head was some sort of headdress.
"You defile this place!" She shouted.
Rata was stunned for a moment, but finally said, "Well you defile stuff, defiler!"
The woman smiled and said, "Please excuse me friend, you startled me." Charming Rata with her magic.
Ren pulled Rata away from the door.
"Where did you go?" The woman called, "Come back."
Rata tried to go back inside, but Ren held him.
"What are you doing?" Ren asked Rata.
"What?" Rata asked, confused, "She's a trusted friend and ally. And she's so beautiful."
Everyone made their way to towards the doorway. The woman walked to the doorway and stopped when she saw the group. She looked at Ren and brushed her hand against him, mumbling something about becoming blind.
Ren became blind.
Yaotl ran forward and attacked the woman with his scimitar, Aziza fired magic missiles at her and Cyrus shot her with his bow. Rata begged for them to stop fighting, getting between her and the group. The woman looked down and grabbed a torch off the wall. She dropped it into the oil, igniting it. The party screamed as fired erupted around them. Ren stumbled away from the flames, Cyrus fled as well. The pain of the flames, as well as the fact that she caused the pain, woke Rata from his charmed state.
Contrary to popular belief, being on fire really sucks.

Despite the fire, Yaotl held his ground and fired a flame arrow at the woman. Cyrus fired another arrow, and Rata fled the flames. Aziza recklessly rushed forward and stabbed the woman in the face, then used her other tortoise blade and removed her head from her neck.
Inside the room was another door and the group decided to check it out. Inside, was two half giants, one holding an obsidian battleaxe and the other, holding a whip and obsidian hot poker. On the far side of the room was a brazer, with hot coals. In the corner, an elf, with cuts and burns all over his body.
Yaotl activated kinetic control and rushed inside. The battleaxe wielding half giant rushed forward and struck Yaotl. The other half giant dropped the whip and hot poker and grabbed his battleaxe. Aziza pushed passed Yaotl and attack the attacking half giant. Cyrus shot the half giant with an arrow. Ren tried to activate accelerate, but
failed. Rata cast prayer.
Yaotl struck the half giant with his scimitar, drawing a good amount of blood. Aziza continued to attack him as well. Cyrus shot two arrows, one striking the half giant, the other striking Yaotl. Rata began to chant. Ren activated accelerate. The other half giant rushed forward and struck Yaotl with his obsidian battleaxe.
Ren ran into the room and attacked the unhurt half giant in the blur of motion. He kicked the half giant in the knee, causing him to kneel,then Ren struck the half giant in the jaw, knocking him out.
Yaotl released the kinetic control and struck the other half giants chitin breastplate. The breastplate exploded and stunned the half giant for a moment.
"Surrender!" Yaotl demanded.
The half giant saw that his friend had fallen and now he was more vulnerable. None of the party members had fallen, in fact they seemed mostly unhurt. The half giant dropped his weapon and put up his hands.
"Me not get paid enough for this." He admitted.
Ren saw an opportunity, "How much are you getting paid?"
The half giant was confused for a moment, "Twelve ceramic a month."
Ren pulled out twelve ceramic pieces, "I'll pay you twelve ceramic to follow us around and protect us. Just for today."
The half giant thought about it for awhile. Finally he shook his head, "No, me am too hurt to fight more."
"Well..." Rata began, "Ren should I..."
Aziza interrupted, "What are we talking about? These two were torturing that elf!"
Yaotl detected evil. "They do have evil in their hearts."
Ren shook his head, "Today they do. Tomorrow they may grow out their hair to try to look like you. Half giants are not so set as the rest of us."
The knocked out half giant started to stir.
"Leave your weapons and go. Just go." Yaotl told them.
The half giants stumbled out of the room and out of the fortress. Ren walked to the elf and looked at his broken legs.
"Kill me." The elf begged, holding his head up and exposing his throat.
"I will release you from your affliction, but you must answer my questions first." Ren told him.
The elf just nodded.
"Why are you here?" Ren asked.
"I was sent to steal something, a powerful magical treasure." He whispered.
"Who sent you to steal it? Your tribe, or someone else?" Ren questioned.
"Both." The elf replied.
"What is your tribe?"
Eh, close enough.
"Good. I will release you now." Ren replied, grabbing the elfs broken legs and stretching them out.
The elf screamed in pain, then Ren placed his hands on his legs and began psionically regenerating them. The elf began to weep as his legs knitted themselves back together. When Ren was done, the elf rose and hugged him.
"What is your name friend?" Ren asked.
"I am Tamar." He answered, as he ran away.
The group decided to rest for an hour, as there was only one door in and out of the room. Ren meditated, Cyrus took a nap, Aziza sharpened his weapons, and Rata prayed. Yaotl stood guard, watching the outside foyer.
The B'rohgs had risen and began complaining about their pay. They finally limped out of the fortress together. Yaotl also saw two gith emerge from one of the doors and talk as they walked to another door. The were obviously talking about the burned area and the lack of B'rohgs, but Yaotl didn't speak gith, so he didn't know exactly what they were saying.
The group decided to go to the room where the gith emerged from, so nothing would sneak up behind them. While walking to the door, part of the floor broke away and Rata fell into a pit of silt. Ren rushed to help him and fell into another pit. Fortunately, they both were able to hold their breath, before they fell. Unfortunately Ren was carrying their rope.
Aziza pulled off her cloak and ran to help Ren. Yaotl activated psionic flight and flew to help Rata. Ren activated his passive contact and activated mind link. Aziza was able to direct Ren to the cloak and she bagan pulling him out. Yaotl flew just low enough into the slit, that Rata could grab his legs, then he flew out.
"You saved my life." Ren sputtered.
Aziza made a sweeping motion with her hand, "You save my life all the time."
The group gathered around the door, carefully hitting the ground in front of them before stepping. When they were ready, Yaotl opened the door.
They were greeted by six gith, who were in formation on the other side of the door. They were alerted by all the noise the group was making. The two groups stared at each other, weapons ready.

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