Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Opposing Villainous Foes


The party charged forward, engaging the gith. Cyrus stayed back and fired arrows into the fray. The gith didn't stand much of a chance and were quickly overwhelmed and killed. Ren, Aziza, Yaotl, and Cyrus went into the room and started searching it for treasure and clues. They found some silver and a couple of kegs of cheap ale. One of them is untapped and Yaotl considered taking it out to the wagon.
Rata ignored the room and instead went to the far door in the foyer and pressed his ear against it to listen. He heard a faint sound that sounded like small creatures scuttling across sand. He opened the door and saw a dilapidated courtyard with a fountain, which was pouring silt instead of water.
Rata waited for the group to finish searching the other room and make their way over. Ren arrived first and went into the courtyard. He thought the fountain might be a site sacred to silt, so Ren decided to desecrate it, by urinating in it.
This picture sums up Rens feelings on silt clerics.

As Ren was urinating in the fountain, a black tentacle reached out and attacked him, luckily it hit Rens arm and not anything important.

The tentacle sank back, beneath the silt. Yaotl rushed forward and started ripping the ancient stones of the fountain apart. A monster rose out of the silt and began attacking Yaotl. It was black, with barbed tentacles around its mouth. Yaotl attacked, slicing the creature with his obsidian scimitar. Cyrus fired some arrows at the beast. Aziza rushed forward to help, attacking the creature with her tortoise blades.
"Stop urinating in my silt!"
 In the face of so much opposition, the beast retreated back into the silt. Rata stabbed into the silt with this staff and could tell it was much deeper than it looked. The group attacked the fountain, tearing it apart, stone by stone, but the creature did not return
There was a small outbuilding in the courtyard and Ren moved cautiously toward it. He opened the unlocked door and crept inside. It was dark, with shelves, barrels, and kegs inside in an unorganized mess. Suddenly, four giant rats rushed from the darkness and began attacking Rens unprotected legs. Ren quickly began stomping them, while his friends rushed to his aid. Ren knocked out two of the rats and Yaotl killed one. Aziza finished off the last one. Cyrus and Rata moved in, after the danger had cleared, and began healing Ren.
Seeing an opportunity to replenish some of their food, Yaotl attempted to field dress that rats. He succeeded only once, however. Upon searching the room, they found a silver ring w/ and orange gem, a scroll with two wizards spells, and a small obsidian marble. Then, the group decided to rest for an hour.
Every hero needs a rest now and again.
Continuing on, the group returned to the foyer. Rata wanted to listen at the final door, but Ren rushed over and kicked it open. Then, he rushed into the hall on the other side. In the hall was a dozen gith and a b'hrog. Yaotl quickly launched a fireball, striking a good portion of the gith, as they charged. Cyrus began firing arrows into the mob of gith, and Aziza leaped into action with her tortoise blades, cutting down a gith. The b'rohg began throwing rocks.
The gith are no match for the group. Seven are killed and five knocked unconscious. The b'rohg takes a little longer, but a kick to the knee, followed by a punch to the stomach, and finally an uppercut, knocks the brute out cold.

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