Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dark Sun Adventure Idea 2

Players should not read any further. Dungeon Master eyes only!

Setup: Maskim is a rich and powerful merchant. He trades all over the tablelands for a merchant house, any of them would work, except Wavir. He has enslaved a beautiful woman, named Irtu, and he has made her his wife. She doesn't get a say, of course, she was just a slave. She isn't happy, but there is little she can do. For added flavor, she could be just one of Maskims many wives.
Bandits attack one of his caravans, steal some goods, kidnap Irtu, and flee into the desert.
Plot: Through his connections, Maskim gets word of the characters exploits and offers to hire them to get his wife back. He offers them a tidy some of money, or goods, whichever is more likely to entice your characters. It's very important that he does not tell them that she was enslaved and forced to marry him. This is the big reveal, later.
The group tracks down the bandits, this can be as easy, or difficult as you want it to be. After a battle with the bandits, or subtle maneuverings, however they play it, it's discovered that the bandit leader, Kingu, is Irtus actual husband, before she was enslaved by Maskim. Hopefully, the group didn't kill Kingu in battle, or as he slept. Now, the players have a choice, let her go or return her for the money, or goods, promised.

Does love conquer all, or does it just impede you getting paid?
For added interest, Maskim could send multiple groups after Irtu and promise the group that returns her a large reward. The players cannot simply leave Irtu with her husband, or just take her back. Your players have greedy and potentially powerful people after her.

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