Monday, June 24, 2013

A New Friend, or a New Foe?


The group continued to march, for a couple of hours, and then settled down to rest. Ren kept watch, as usual. When dawn was a few hours away, Ren suddenly found himself being attacked on the mindscape. The landscape of his mind was mountainous and bleak, like the land he was raised in. The construct was a feral image of himself.
With a yell, the construct attacked, striking at Ren with nerve strikes. Ren called to his friends in the real world and told them he was being psionically attacked. Yaotl and Aziza rose and began searching for the attacker, but were having trouble with the unfamiliar forest and darkness.

Could you find someone hiding here, at night?

It did not take Ren long to expel the attacker from his mind, but it left him exhausted. Aziza decided to watch the remainder of the night and put the fire out, to prevent the attacker from seeing them. Morning came and the attacker did not return. Camp was packed up, Cyrus complained about waking up too early, and prayers were said. The group marched on toward the mine. Right around high sun, the trees thinned considerably and the land became more mountainous. The group continued, with Nuru giving directions, and they encountered the pass through the Windbreak Mountains.
As they walked through the mountain pass, Cyrus began complaining about his feet hurting, and Yaotl noticed a disheveled looking, bearded man waving at them from a ledge on the mountain side. He seemed to be yelling, but the wind obscured his words. The group drew their weapons and prepared for him to attack.
They agreed to keep moving, slowly and in formation, while watching the mountain man for any sign of attack. Suddenly, the mountain man started waving his hands. Aziza and Yaotl could tell he was casting a spell, but the spell did not seem centered on the group. They held their weapons.
A dust devil sprang up among some rocks ahead and Ren was worried the mountain man was attempting to cause a landslide. However, when Sligs sprang into view, to attack the dust devil, Ren knew the mountain man had helped them.
Although the Sligs fought in their standard formation and managed to destroy the dust devil, they were no match for the PC's and were quickly dispatched, with minimal injury to the party.
The mountain man climbed down from the mountain and the group thanked him for his assistance. Without his warning, the Sligs would have ambushed them. Yaotl introduced himself as Yaotl, of the flame, and the rest of the group by first name only. The man introduced himself as Rata of Leaning Oak, a druid. Yaotl explained that they were searching for a mine on the wind swept side of the mountains and asked the man if he knows of it. He did not know of the mine, but he knew of a smaller pass through the mountains, where Slig attacks are less likely.
The group followed Rata through the narrower path. As they walked, they questioned Rata about himself. He explained that he was born and raised in the mountains. His parents were both long dead and he was somewhat of a hermit. He asked Yaotl questions about his past also. Rata turned and asked Aziza about her scars. Aziza narrowed her eyes and simply walked away. They continued to walk for a couple of hours, when Rata was suddenly attacked by four rock cactus!
A cactus that looks like a rock.

Hilariously, Rata tried to run and the cactus followed him on it's tether. The battle was prolonged due to the group being in a tight space, but the rock cactus didn't cause many problems and were quickly dealt with. Ren discovered that the cactus meat was edible and was mighty proud of himself as he shared it among the group.
This was a short game, due to the making of a new character and the GM being in the process of moving.

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