Monday, September 16, 2013

Battle and Betrayal


Yaotl took the lead and marched toward the left adjoining room. Peering inside, he could see movement, but nothing moved towards him.
Ren moved into the right adjoining room. Inside, he saw rows of stone tables, with bodies laid out and skeletal workers removing their intestines, blood, and other organs. Also, they were sewing the corpses eyes shut.
Yaotl moved into the opposite room. Inside, he saw rows of stone tables, with bodies laid out and skeletal workers pouring sand into their mouths. When the corpses were full, the mouth was sewn shut. Yaotl wasted little time, he rushed in and smashed the skeletal workers.
Ren walked up to one of the skeletal workers and attempted to communicate. The skeletal workers ignored him and continued their grisly work. He saw no alternative and began destroying the skeletal workers as well.
Cyrus went into the rooms and decapitated the corpses. Rata sprinkled them with holy dirt and asked that their spirits would find peace in the Gray.
While the party was discussing the possibilities of what the skeletal workers could have been doing, Rata began walking down a southern hallway. The group quickly followed. Although Rata was badly injured, he boldly strode down the hall, until he came face to face with a walking corpse. The corpse had it's eyes and mouth sewn shut, but a trickle of sand leaked from the corner of its mouth. Rata ran back the way he came.
When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled.
He's brave Sir Rata

Ren took the lead and charged toward the corpse, followed by Aziza and Yaotl. The hall widened into a room, where a horde of the corpses ambled about. Upon seeing the players, they marched toward them and attacked.
Ren, Yaotl, and Aziza keep their backs to the wall, not allowing themselves to be surrounded. Rens punches did little to the sand filled corpses, but Aziza's and Yaotl's slashing weapons spilled sand across the floor. Cyrus fired his bow and Rata asked the land to bless the group.
The group fought strategically, but swarms of the undead poured from an adjoining room. Soon, the group was overwhelmed and Ren fell. Rata ran forward and healed Ren.
The fight continued, but the group was having trouble with the swarms of undead.
“Fall back!” Ren shouted.
Ren and Rata fell back. Cyrus grabbed Azizas arm and teleported back the way they had come, leaving Yaotl alone with the horde.

Ok guys, don't give up, we can win this, we can.... Guys?
“What are you doing?” Aziza shouted and ran back into the fray.
Healing spells were quickly cast and Ren rushed back to the fight. Healing spells were almost gone and fatigue was setting in. Still the horde pressed in, attempting to crush the characters. Cyrus teleported behind the undead and began firing his bow at them. He could see into the adjoining room, where a chest was sitting, unattended.
Getting desperate, Yaotl activated his kinetic control psionic ability. The undead beat Yaotl and he didn't seem affected. Ren figured out what Yaotl was doing and began hitting him as well. Aziza was confused, but in too deep to wait for an explanation. Yaotl struck one of the undead and it exploded, sending sand and skin everywhere.
Aziza continued fighting the undead and Yaotl kept his kinetic control going, absorbing the energy from the undead strikes, and Rens as well. Cyrus sneaked into the next room and looked the chest over. It was locked with a metal lock.
Yaotl destroyed another undead and Aziza fought on. They could see that the horde was not endless and this restored their fighting spirit. Meanwhile, Cyrus was trying to break open the lock with a stone.
Yaotl ran out of psionic stength and Aziza killed the last of the undead. Cyrus smashed open the lock. When he opened it, fire blasted him, hurting him slightly. Inside, he found a beautiful conical headdress, decorated with gold and gems. He put it in his backpack and teleported into a room they had already cleared out.
The party was exhausted and healed the last little bit they could. Cyrus walked into the hallway and found Nuru's krama on the ground. He quickly took it to the party.
“Let's go.” Ren commanded.
“We have to find him.” Yaotl stated.
Hurt and exhausted, the party pushed on to find Nuru.
Marching on, the group found a room filled with bones. They waited, making sure none were going to rise, and then pressed on. Then, they found a large room, with stone pillars, and at the far end was a bald man holding Nurus head back and holding a dagger to his throat. The stranger had a red ruby imbedded in his forehead.
“Drop your weapons and step closer.” The stranger demanded.
The characters do as they are told and drop their weapons.
“By the light of Xiuhtecuhtli, drop him, or it will be the last thing you do.” Yaotl threatened.
All hail Xiuhtecuhtli, Elemental Lord of Fire.
 Ren used his cause sleep psionic ability, but nothing happens.
Cyrus removed the headdress from his backpack and puts in on his head. The gem in his forehead fit perfectly into the headdress.
Cyrus stood tall, “By the name of our King, drop the dagger.”
Cyrus used the headdresses magic, using the command drop. The stranger dropped his dagger. Ren was the first to react. He rushed forward and grabbed Nuru, pulling him between himself and the stranger. Ren didn't notice, but everyone behind him could see that Nuru had a ruby imbedded in his forehead too.
Yaotl rushed forward and tried to strike the stranger, but a magical barrier blocked the strike.
“King Kalid-Ma, hold this man.” Nuru whispered.
Ren froze and was unable to move. The group picked up their weapons.
“No!” Nuru shouted, “We don't want to fight!”
The stranger just smirked. Rata attempted to dispel magic, but failed. Aziza cast magic missile, but the magical barrier stopped it. Yaotl attempted to molecular agitate, but the barrier stopped it. Ren attempted a mental attack, but, it too, was stopped.
“Kalid Ma, strike this fool down!” The stranger pointed at Yaotl and a magical scimitar appeared and began attacking him.
Aziza rushed forward and began beating on the magical barrier. Yaotl mentally mentally attacked the stranger, but was repelled. Ren mentally attacked the stranger and was able to get through his formidable defenses. The stranger appeared surprised.
Cyrus was out of spells, but he could sense power inside his gem, if he would call on Kalid Ma, he could've used it. 
Kalid Ma! Kalid Ma!
 Cyrus thought for a moment about using the power, but instead mentally attacked the stranger and was repelled. Yaotls next mental attack struck true and the stranger recoiled. Nuru ran up to Cyrus and grabbed his robe.
“Stop!” He yelled, “We don't want to fight, we are on the same side!”
Rata grabbed Nuru and held him tight.
“I am invincible!” The stranger shouted as he drew energy from the ground.
He pointed his finger forward and fire filled the room. Cyrus collapsed.
Yaotl fell back, away from the floating scimitar that was attacking him. He attempted to fight it, but it was difficult to hit. Ren mentally dazed the stranger, then ran to help Yaotl. Aziza struck the magical barrier again and again.
“The magic cannot last forever!” She shouted.
Nuru reached out and touched Cyrus, “Kalid Ma, heal your chosen.”
Cyrus rose. Rata dragged Nuru to the stranger and began bashing Nurus head against the magical barrier that protected him.. Yaotl and Ren struck the magic scimitar and it vanished. Then, Yaotl ran back to the stranger and attacked the barrier. Ren mentally attacked him again, keeping him stunned.
“Fools.” The stranger stammered, “I am invincible, you cannot hurt me!”
Cyrus began firing on the barrier and, with Yaotl, Aziza, and Rata beating the barrier, it finally collapsed. Rata dropped Nuru and rushed in, tackling the stranger.
Nuru tried to flee, but Ren grabbed him and Yaotl limped to block the door.
“Why? Why did you betray us?” Ren shouted.
Nuru looked scared, “I only wanted to help. I wanted you to be blessed as we are!”
Rata began tying up the stranger. Cyrus could sense something in the strangers left hand and he wrestled it free. It was a small, obsidian ball, two inches in diameter.
Definitely not a big deal.
“No!” The stranger yelled.
As soon as Cyrus grabbed the ball, he could feel it's power, he felt invincible.
Cyrus heard a voice in his head, “Hello, my blessed.”

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