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Riches to Rags


7, Sedulous, Dragon's Agitation, 190th King's Age
Ren and Aziza sat together for awhile, then fell asleep.

8, Sedulous, Dragon's Agitation, 190th King's Age
Yaotl woke first. He immediately woke Alroy and told him to go wake Ren and Aziza, in the other room. Alroy walked to the other room and knocked loudly. Aziza jumped up, ready to fight. Ren stretched and lazily walked over to the door and opened it.
"Yaotl wants to talk to you." Alroy muttered.
"Okay." Ren replied, then shut the door.
Aziza laid back down and went to sleep, while Ren hit his head against the door jamb to wake up. Ren made his way to the other room and promptly laid down on Yaotl's bed and fell back asleep. Cyrus was wake at this point, due to the commotion and began getting dressed. After a few minutes, Yaotl went to the other room and banged on the door.
Aziza opened the door and asked Yaotl what he wanted. Yaotl explained that they have to decide what to do with their prisoner. Aziza agreed and got dressed in her normal clothes. She finally arrived at the other room and the discussion began.
They discuss selling him into slavery, so making him look like an escaped slave. They decided not to make him look like an escaped slave, because they only slave markings they know really well are Nibnese. They all agreed that trying to sell a kidnapped agent, for the most powerful merchant house in Nibenay, in Nibenay was a bad idea. Finally, they decided that Cyrus and Aziza would teleport to Balic and trade the agent for a slave there.
Balic: Home of make up, fake tans, and photoshop.

Rata explained that he had to look after his lands and if the group ever came through to visit. He also offered additional assistance, if the group should need it. He then teleported to his guarded lands.
Before that was done, however, the group decided that he should be dressed like a slave, instead of naked. Also, that the villagers, Elroy, and Basheera needed some new clothes. They also discussed mount options and Ren made comments about how city life and riding made people soft. Cyrus and Ren stayed behind, to make sure they weren't currently wanted for kidnapping. Yaotl and Aziza left to go to the market place to buy clothing and other provisions.
Ren gave Alroy, Fenuku, Gahiji, Jabrek, and Tubaloth 10 ceramic each to go get clothes for themselves. The young men readily accepted the money and dashed off into the city.
The shom agent finally awoke and grumbled. Ren hit him in the mouth and the shom agent started weeping upon seeing his captors. The shom agent begs to be let go, but Ren and Cyrus ignored him.
Meanwhile, Yaotl and Aziza purchased new clothes, a few new backpacks, a couple of pack kanks, some new weapons, and other provisions. They decided to purchase some leather breastplates and spears for the four men from the unnamed village.
The shom agent continued to beg to be released. He offered gold and a house in the country if they released him. Ren outright declined, but Cyrus pretended to be listen to his offer, only to taunt him later.
Yaotl and Aziza returned to the inn and distributed the goods. Cyrus and Aziza changed into their best clothes. Then, Cyrus, Aziza, and the shom agent teleported to North Ledopolous. Cyrus did not have enough Psps to teleport them all the way to Balic. They got an inn and Cyrus cast nap on himself.
Yaotl and Ren decided to leave the inn and look around the city. The made their way to Sage's Square, where the music and dancing enticed them. They stopped to listen to a story about a young boy who was turned into an Erdlu and only the love of a young lady freed him from the spell. They tipped the storyteller and continued looking around.
Meanwhile, Cyrus awoke from his nap and immediately teleported himself, Aziza, and the shom agent to Balic. They moved toward the slave market, Cyrus knew where it was because he had grown up in Balic. They passed the auctions and walked up to a Dwarf, who had some slaves on display.
"Welcome, my lord, how may I help you?" The Dwarf smiled.
"We wish to trade this slave for one of yours." Cyrus explained.
The Dwarf looked suspicious, "Why, what's wrong with him?"
Cyrus shook his head, "Nothing, I just want a female instead."
The Dwarf laughed, while Aziza walked to a group of slaves and began inspecting him. While Cyrus kept the Dwarf busy, Aziza slipped one of the slaves a bone dagger and gave him a wink. She quickly found a young lady and told the Dwarfs assistants that she wanted her. The assistants took the girl off the line and tied her wrists, leaving enough rope for a decent lead.
"Help me." The shom agent began, "I am a trader for House Shom and they have kidnapped me."
The Dwarf back handed the shom agent, "Shut up!"
"Gold. I will pay gold." The shom agent began, but quickly stopped talking when the Dwarf raised his hand again.
"You've been soft on this one." The Dwarf began, "Only a few bruises, no scars, and he runs his mouth."
Cyrus smiled and waived his hand dismissively, "Yes, yes. He was a house slave and I'm far too lenient with my house slaves."
The Dwarf scowled at him, "Well, that makes it harder on me."
Cyrus quirked an eyebrow, "At least he has all his teeth."
Aziza brought the girl forward, "We want her."
You can tell she's treated poorly. She doesn't even have any color.

This started the negotiation all over. The Dwarf complaining that a simple trade would not make him any money and Cyrus countered that the shom agent was far more skilled than the young girl. They argued for twenty minutes, but Cyrus turned out to be the better negotiator and the trade was made.
Cyrus, Aziza, and their new ward, who was named Arabella, paid for a room at a respectable inn. Cyrus laid down and cast nap upon himself. Aziza untied Arabella and explained that she was free. She told them that they were headed to North Ledopolous, then to Nibenay. She gave her the choice to go with them, or stay in Balic. Arabella, being born into slavery, had no family she knew of. She chose to go with them.
Yaotl and Ren were enjoying the entertainment, watching the dancing storytellers and drinking the delicacies offered. They walked to a Wine House, The Singing Huruum, and listened to two bards play sitars. They drank some rice wine and enjoyed themselves.
Cyrus woke and heard commotion downstairs, Aziza was looking down at him.
"We have to go now." Aziza demanded.
Cyrus grabbed Aziza and Arabella and immediately teleported back to North Ledopolous. They hurried back to their room and locked the door.
"What happened?" Cyrus asked.
Aziza shock her head, "I'm not sure. Maybe they found out he was a merchant. Someone could have recognized him."
"Well, unless they have a psychoporter, they won't be able to get her in an hour." Cyrus said, while laying down and casting nap again.
Aziza and Arabella had no choice, but to wait.
Yaotl and a drunken Ren stumbled back to the inn. Basheera was there and demanded some time with him. He patiently listened to her stories about her doll and her imaginary friend, Erasmus.
Cyrus woke and listened. Aziza and Arabella were still in the room, whispering to each other. Cyrus didn't hear an commotion, so he calmly got up. The girls walked over to him and took his hands. With a pop, they teleported back to Nibenay.
They all met in the inns dining area and paid for a large mutton dinner for themselves and their friends. While they were eating, they discussed what to do next and they decided to leave in the morning. Finally able to return home. Ren wanted to stay for a little while longer and Aziza teased him about city life making him soft.
"I thought you liked it soft?" Ren blurted out.
Cyrus started laughing and made a dirty comment, which made Aziza, Yaotl, Alroy, Fenuku, Gahiji, Jabrek, and Tubaloth all laugh as well. Ren got embarrassed.
After dinner, they back out into the city. Aziza bought Arabella some new clothes. They made their way to Sage's Square and listened to the music again. Ren and Yaotl began freely healing the injured. A group gathered around Ren and Yaotl, as healing was openly and freely administered. Soon, a templar arrived, with two half giant guards.
Half Giants = Big Problem
She accused them of practicing business without a license and threatened them with arrest. Ren explained that he was ignorant that a business license was needed, since they were doing their service for free. The templar was visibly upset and ordered her guards to arrest them. Ren quickly deescalated the situation by offering to pay whatever fine she deemed appropriate.
She demanded fifty ceramic for the offense, which Ren began paying immediately. Not wanting her to know that he could count, he began taking the coins out of his bag and asked her to tell him when to stop. She told him to stop when he got to seventy. She handed them a license, that would expire at sunrise.
As she was leaving, Cyrus entertained the idea of snatching the bag of ceramic and teleporting away, but decided against it. Aziza excused herself. She was tired and wanted to go sleep. Arabella chose to go with her, as did Cyrus.
On the way back to the inn, a group of street toughs sized up the group, but stepped aside as they approached. To dissuade them further, Aziza pulled out her singing sticks and twirled them around to make them sing. They made to back to the inn with no problems.

9, Sedulous, Dragon's Agitation, 190th Kings Age
Yaotl and Ren continued to heal the sick, taking breaks to replenish Psps. Morning finally arrived and they left Sage's Square and made their way back to the inn. Aziza, Cyrus, and their wards were just waking and decided to pack up and eat a large breakfast. The waited a couple hours, so Yaotl could sleep. They finally woke him when everything was ready.
They departed through the Mekillot Gate and walked down the road toward the Black Spine mountains. They left the road just before high sun and could not find a suitable place to hide for the entire group. They constructed some simple shelters to hide from the sun and made sure everyone had enough water to drink.
After high sun, they began walking again, with the sun beating down on them. No longer on a road, they were moving a lot slower than before. After an hour of walking, Tubaloth started screaming.

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