Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gain a Friend, Lose a Friend


The group came upon a side room with a locked door. Ren kicked it open, revealing a large room with a wardrobe, chest, and straw filled mattress. Upon entering, two silt elementals rose from the ground and attacked!
"Free hugs! Free Hugs!"

The elementals rushed Ren and one of them smashed Rens foot, breaking it. Ren fell back and Yaotl stepped forward, using psionic kinetic control. He let the elementals beat on him for a bit, before releasing the damage back at one of them. The elemental exploded in an impressive display.
Aziza and Ren destroyed the other elemental with blunt force trauma.
Ren began psionically regenerating his foot, while everyone else searched the room. Inside the wardrobe was a young human girl who was tied up and wearing a burlap sack. They untied her and Aziza gave her some clothes to replace the burlap. She was very relieved.
"It's okay, you're safe." Yaotl explained.
"What's your name?" Aziza asked.
"Aloria, my name is Aloria." Aloria answered.
"How did you get here?" Yaotl inquired further.
"I was taken from a small village in a gith raid." She wiped her face, "They took me by surprise."
"We're here to stop the silt cleric that leads the gith, can you use any weapons?" Yaotl asked.
"Yes, a few. Short bows, spears, and daggers." Aloria explained.
Aziza gave Aloria her short bow and a spear was retrieved from a dead gith in the hall. Aloria was also given an extra leather breastplate that the party had. They let her rest for a bit and gave her food and water. In the room, the group also found six gemstones, a banana, and two scrolls.
The group follows the hallway, which seems to be sloping downward, and come to a locked door. They break through it and continue on. At the end of the hall is a room with a hearth, two tables, a bunch os mismatched chairs, a couple of shelves, and a handful of humans, who are dressed in rags.
Yaotl recognized them as slaves, "The way is clear, go, you are free."
The slaves quickly ran past them, toward freedom. Three doors opened into the room, so the group chose the east door to open first. Inside were two ettercaps.
Ettercap, ettercap, does whatever a ettercap can.
Spins a web, any size, catches heroes just like flies.
Look Out! Here comes the ettercap!

The group fell back into the doorway and lure the ettercaps, where the party could fight them one at a time, instead of both at once. The tactic worked and one of the ettercaps was quickly killed. The other ettercap fell back into the room, so Yaotl use psionic sleep to put it to sleep. Ren entered the room and a net, made of webbing, fell on him. He pulled it off of him and the group searched the room. It was a pantry, stored inside was food and ale. The party left the room and shut the door, leaving the sleeping ettercap alone.
They decided to search the north door next. The door was open and it was dark inside. Inside the room was a well and rope with a bucket. Yaotl lowered the bucket and raised some water. The water was murky, but drinkable. Upon leaving the room, they finally started searching the room with the hearth, finding more foodstuffs.
Then, the west door burst open and the party was attack by five gith and two more silt elementals. They party engaged, ignoring the gith and concentrating on bringing the elementals down. Ren fell, but Rata quickly healed him and got him back on his feet. The pantry door opened and and ettercap emerged, apparently it had woken up, and it immediately attacked Cyrus. The elementals were destroyed and the group rushed over to help Cyrus with the ettercap, except for Aziza, who was finishing off the gith.
The ettercap bit Cyrus in the neck and he collapsed. Ren kicked the ettercap repeatedly and knocked it out. Rata healed Cyrus' wounds and he awoke.
"I feel terrible." He announced.
Yaotl looked at Cyrus' wounds and checked his vitals, "He's been poisoned. I don't have any spells for this, Rata?"
Rata shook his head.
Cyrus closed his eyes and slumped over. A black obsidian orb rolled from his open hand. Cyrus took one last breath and died in Yaotl's arms.

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