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Why turn, when destroying is so much fun?


Lug hit his head on the mine entrance. He ducked lower and tried to enter again. He hit his head again. It was obvious to everyone, but Lug, that Lug would not fit into the Dwarven mine tunnel.
"Lug," Ren began, after Lug hit his head for a third time, "you're never going to fit. Just stay outside and guard the mine entrance."
Lug nodded, "Okay."
Lug took his position outside the mine and everyone else delved deeper. While the group cautious tread forward, Rata rushed ahead and spotted four Dwarven skeletons. Rata ran behind Ren, as the skeletons charged forward. One of the skeletons clawed Ren across the eyes, blood ran into Ren's eyes and blinded him.
He's not a Mul, but here's a picture of Roy Jones Jr reminding us that blood in the eye is just terrible.

Yaotl summoned a flame blade and Aziza ran forward with her singing sticks. Hedgar tried to push forward, but the front lines were too crowded.

Ren fell back, wiping the blood from his eyes. Seeing the extent of his wounds, Rata healed Ren. With Ren falling back, Hedgar was able to take up a position on the front line and began swinging his axe at their undead foe. Aziza and Yaotl were devastating the skeletons and soon the monsters were destroyed.
After getting healed, the group moved slowly down the mine tunnel, except for Rata, who rushed ahead. He rounded a corner and saw a decaying Dwarf staring back at him with empty eye sockets. Rata, again ran away and, upon seeing Rata run, Ren rushed forward, club ready, to engage the enemy.
Rata's true character makes an appearance again.

However, upon running forward, Ren heard a popping sound and found no enemy in the small tunnel. Suddenly the zombie was behind Rata and it viciously attacked him. Rata fled again, as Aziza, Ren, and Hedgar charged toward the zombie.
Suddenly, another zombie emerged and began attacking Ren. Aziza and Ren began attacking the newly arrived zombie. Yaotl was able to harm the other zombie with a flame blade, but when that spell expired, he began attacking with his obsidian scimitar. The obsidian scimitar didn't seem to harm the zombie at all. Hedgar's axe didn't seem to be harming it either. Rata and Yaotl realized that magic was needed to harm the teleporting zombie.
As Rata ran, the zombie teleported right next to him and delivered a savage beating. Aziza and Ren destroyed the other zombie and joined the fight with the teleporting zombie. Yaotl cast flame blade again and Rata cast bramble staff. Ren and Aziza were beating on the teleporting zombie, but it was having no effect.
Ren dropped his club and grappled the teleporting zombie, allowing Yaotl and easier hit with his flaming sword. The zombie teleported out of Ren's grasp and hit Rata again. Rata retaliated with his bramble staff and the zombie turned to dust.
"Who figured out that the zombie needed to be hit with magic and failed to tell the rest of us?" Aziza asked, slightly annoyed.
Rata and Yaotl looked at each other and shrugged. Aziza let out an exasperated sigh.
I just wanted to make sure my readers unstood what it meant.

Rata healed his wounds and the party continued, this time Rata did not rush ahead. The mine widened and two more zombies shambled out of the darkness. Yaotl and Rata still had their magic weapons and charged forward to attack one of the undead. Ren and Hedgar rushed to attack the other, but it was clear their weapons could not harm it. Aziza strode forward and unleashed a barrage of magic missiles at the zombie Yaotl and Rata were fighting.
Rata struck the zombie with his bramble staff and it turned to dust. Ren grappled the second zombie, but it teleported and started attacking Yaotl. Yaotl struck with his flaming scimitar and cut deep into the rotting flesh. Rata ran over and crashed his bramble staff upon the zombie's head. It turned to dust.
The party suggested retreating back to camp to heal.
23, Fifthover, Dragon's Agitation, 190th Kings Age, Sun Descending
As the party was discussing a strategic retreat, two skeletons strode forward. One of them was dripping magma from it's arms. It flung a small ball of magma at the group, which exploded and covered the group in burning magma. Unheeded, the group rushed the magma skeleton, while Hedgar attacked the other lone skeleton.
The magma skeleton swung it's magma covered arms at Yaotl and burned his upper right arm. Although their weapons were slightly damaged, Rata, Aziza, and Ren all attacked the magma zombie with wooden weapons. Only Yaotl's obsidian scimitar seemed imune. Hedgar made short work of the lone skeleton.
Before the magma skeleton could launch another attack, Yaotl struck the magma skeleton's spine and it collapsed to the ground. The rest of the group took turns bashing their weapons into it's head, until it exploded, sending small chunks of bone and magma in all directions.
Rata saw a chest, hiding in the shadows of an alcove. He used his staff to open it and when he did, a wave of magma burst from it and burned him across the upper legs. Rata fell back to heal himself.
Could you say no?

"Thanks for opening my chest." Ren laughed, as he stepped forward to inspect it's contents.
Inside was a scroll, which Ren handed to Rata and multiple gems. Yaotl greedily grabbed the gems as Rata looked over the scroll. Rata could not make out it's contents, so he handed it to Aziza. Aziza could tell that the scroll was scribed with wizard spells.
Hurt and out of spells, the group returned to their camp.
"Hey, wanna make love?" Ren asked a dirty and exhausted Aziza.
Aziza gave him an exasperated look.
Ren held up his finger, signaling Aziza not to answer yet, "Out here, in front of everyone?"
Aziza sighed heavily and answered angrily, "No." She then retreated into her tent.
"Well, looks like I'm keeping watch then." Ren replied.
Hedgar knew how to appraise gems and did so for the group. He also demanded a fair share of the loot. The party agreed. 
Yaotl and Hedgar headed into the other tent to sleep and Rata slept on the hides in the air wagon. Lug simply slept in the dirt.
Two skeletons approached, but Ren made quick work of them. The commotion woke Aziza, but, after making sure Ren was alright she went back to sleep.
"I see you found my sword." Ren heard someone whisper.
Ren looked around and saw an Elf sitting on their air wagon. It was Sharal, holding his bone longsword.
"Yes." Ren replied, "and other swords from your tribe."
"Yes, but mine is the only one that is important." Sharal replied.
"Come and sit, have some water." Ren invited.
Sharal shook head, "I think you're confused as to why I am here. You see.. I'm here to rob you of your kanks."
The most popular beast of burden on Athas.

"Our kanks?" Ren questioned, confused.
Sharal nodded, "Yes, I figured you didn't need them. What, with these magic floating hides you have."
Ren laughed, "You're still welcome to stay here. Tell the others to come forward."
"Others?" Sharal questioned, "I'm alone."
"What?" Ren asked, confused, "Where is your tribe?"
Sharal shrugged, "Oh, I don't know. Somewhere near Balic I think."
"Well, sleep here and I'm keep watch." Ren offered.
"I couldn't sleep where someone I just robbed is able to get at me." Sharal stated.
Ren laughed quietly, "You can have the kanks. Now, I gave them to you, so you haven't stolen anything."
Sharal looked puzzled, "Well, I suppose I can't argue with your logic." He nooded, "Alright then."
Sharal moved into the back of the air wagon, curling up with Rata. Rata awoke and looked at the elf.
"Sshhh." Sharal whispered, "It's okay."
Sharal snuggled up next to Rata and Rata simply allowed it. They fell asleep on the pile of hides in the back of the air wagon.

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