Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Last Game Session was Nearly a Year Ago.

Unfortunately, the last post will be my last about my Dark Sun game. It ended due to work and some players personal problems.
I am currently running an Earthdawn and Star Trek game and will randomly post things based on those 2 games. I will attempt to keep the posts as generic as possible, so they can be used in any game.

Here's a wanted poster I made for my Earthdawn game. Feel free to use it as is, or change anything you want.
I did not draw the Dwarf, I found it randomly. If the artist contacts me, I'll give them credit, or delete it.


  1. Nice Poster! I've been working on integrating a Bounty system in my Earthdawn 4E /Greyhawk mashup. Nice to see such a good example. :D I wonder what he did...

  2. My group has not caught him, yet, so I cannot reveal what he did. Sorry.