Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Roc and the Kes'trekel. A Dark Sun Fable.

A roc swooped down on powerful wings and seized a ram in its talons. It easily lifted the ram into the sky and carried it back to its nest. A kes'trekel saw what the roc had done and somehow got the idea that it was big and strong enough to do the same.
The kes'trekel ruffled its feathers and loudly called. Then, it flew toward a sheep and sunk its claws into the wool of the sheep's back. When the kes'trekel tried to lift the sheep, it found that its talons were tangled in the sheep's wool. The sheep barely noticed the small bird, as the kes'trekel tried to escape, but found that it could not.
The shepherd saw the fluttering kes'trekel and knew what the stupid bird had done. He ran up to the kes'trekel and broke its neck. That evening he took the bird to his family for dinner.
"What kind of bird is this, father?" The shepard's daughter asked him, while eating.
"It is a kes'trekel," He answered. "But if you would have asked it, it would have said it was a roc."

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