Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Carru and The Baazrag. A Dark Sun Fable.

A carru and a baazrag made a deal to find the best food in the scrub plains and share with each other. They searched the scrub plains for a little while and the baazrag came upon a lirr. The baazrag begged the lirr not to slay and eat him. The baazrag then told the lirr that if he promised not to harm him, he would trap the carru for the lirr. The lirr agreed and watched the baazrag, through trickery, lead the carru into a deep hole. The carru tried to get out, but could not. When the lirr saw that the carru was trapped, he leaped upon the baazrag and tore at him with tooth and claw. As the baazrag lay dying, he asked the lirr why he was betrayed. The lirr explained that now that the carru was trapped he could kill and eat him as his leisure, but he was not going to let any meal escape him.

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