Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Lizard and the Lirr. A Dark Sun Fable.

One warm evening as the sun was sinking behind the ringing mountains, a wise, but small lizard scurried onto a tall, steep rock to sleep. Before he could get comfortable, he circled the top of the stone three times. But just as he was about to lay down to sleep, he caught sight of the colorful frill of Mr. Lirr.
"Have you heard the wonderful news?" asked Mr. Lirr in a very joyful and excited manner.
"What news?" asked the small lizard very calmly. But he had to fight down the fear he had for the lirr. Lirrs were large and often ate small lizards, like himself.
"Your family and mine and all other animals have agreed to forget their differences and live in peace and friendship. Just think of it! I simply cannot wait to hug and play with you! Climb down, dear friend, and let us celebrate this joyful event."
"How wonderful!" said the small lizard. "I am very happy to hear the news." But he trailed off as he spoke and looked away. He seemed to be looking at something far off.
"What do you see?" asked Mr. Lirr, a little anxiously.
"Well, it looks like several sand howlers are coming this way. They must have heard the good news and—"
But the Lirr did not wait to hear more. He started started to run away.
"Wait," cried the small lizard. "Why are you running? The sand howlers are friends of ours now!"
"Yes," answered Mr. Lirr "But they might not have heard the news. Besides, I have a very important errand that I had almost forgotten about."
The lirr dashed off, into the desert. The small lizard smiled as he laid down went to sleep.

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