Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dark Sun Adventure Idea 1

Players should not read any further. Dungeon Master eyes only!

Setup: A village either discovers a secret of one of the Sorcerer Kings, or creates a device that threatens their power. In response, the Sorcerer King sends out their armies and completely destroys the village and slaughters its inhabitants. In the chaos, a few villagers escape into the wilderness and with them, the secret, or device. The Sorcerer King sends out their minions to hunt these villagers down, kill them, and destroy the threat. The villagers hide the secret, or device, somewhere and make a map to find it later, hoping the Sorcerer King will give up the hunt. They scatter across the Tablelands, and possibly beyond. Unfortunately for them, Sorcerer Kings have long memories and do not give up so easily. Most of the escaped villagers are found, and killed.
Plot: At least three, but I wouldn't have more than five, of the remaining villagers, or their decedents, have decided that now is the time to find the secret, or device. They contact the player characters, who must find the map and follow it to the secret, or device. The Sorcerer King gets word that someone is hunting the device, or secret, down and sends their minions out to hunt them, but only after the map is found. The Sorcerer King's minions push the characters, more than try to stop them. Try not to make this too obvious.
As the player characters get close to finding the device, the Sorcerer Kings minions appear. The characters discover that one of the villagers was feeding information back to the Sorcerer King's minions the whole time, in exchange for wealth, power, or just the ability to live without being hunted down like an animal. A final battle takes place.
Note: If a secret is used, it doesn't have to be game breaking. It could easily be a secret of the Sorcerer Kings rise to power, or any other secret the Sorcerer King doesn't want to get out.
“Who knew Nibenay was allergic to cheese?”
Nibenay's one weakness!
If a device is used, it also doesn't have to be game breaking. It could be a magical device that interrupts the link between Sorcerer King and Templar within an area of effect. It could be limited by charges, or number of uses per day. It could lower the casting level of a Templar by 2 or 3 levels.
If you want to be exceptionally mean, you could place another map in the location, with a letter explaining that the secret, or device, was relocated to keep it safer.

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