Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Moral Decisions


As Rata slept, he dreamed that he was at the base of the mountain and heard weeping. He opened his arms and began to fly toward the peak. Near the peak, he say a small outcropping and a dark cave opening. The weeping was coming from inside.
A dark cave with weeping coming out of it? Nothing to worry about.

Rata woke with the sun high in the sky. Sharal had departed and he was alone in the air wagon. Rata prayed for spells, then went to Yaotl and told him about his dream. Sharal convinced Ren to feed him breakfast and then bragged to Yaotl about how Ren gave him their kanks. Yaotl protested, but quickly decided that they had more important matters to discuss.
Yaotl gathered the group and Rata told them all about the strange dream that had had taken place.

The group discussed what the dream might have meant. They all decided that it must be a vision from the Spirit of the Land in the mountain calling for aid. They decided to halt their progress in the mines and scale the mountain instead.
Yaotl used psionic flight and carried Aziza, who used psionic levitation to lighten herself. They tied their waists together just in case something went wrong. Ren used psionic spider climb to run up the mountain. Ren carried Rata, who had no helpful psionic abilities.
Yaotl and Aziza neared the precipice and began searching for a ledge and cave entrance. The found a small ledge, only nine feet long and about ten feet wide. The cave entrance was small, but large enough to squeeze through, even for the Mul.
Suddenly, two skeletons emerged from the cave entrance and engaged Yaotl and Aziza. Yaotl attempted to turn them, but nothing happened. Aziza used her singing sticks to attack one of the skeletons. While dodging their blows, Yaotl cast burning hands and destroyed one of the skeletons. Aziza finished off the other with her singing sticks.
Ren and Rata arrived a few moments later.

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