Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Zombie Mekillot

Undead are not uncommon on Athas. So much so, that Sorcerer-Monarchs like to use undead beasts as weapons of war. One obvious choice of undead beasts is the zombie mekillot.
To be honest, I just want my players to climb onto an zombie mekillot's back while fighting hordes of undead. I could imagine that on heavy metal music video. Brutal right?

Geez, everyone is a critic.

Stats after the jump.

Zombie Mekillot
Climate/Terrain: Any
Frequency: Very Rare
Organization: Nil
Activity Cycle: Night
Diet: Nil
Intelligence: Non-(0)
Treasure: Nil
Alignment: Neutral
No. Appearing: 1
Armor Class: 5
Movement: 5
Hit Dice: 14
Thac0: 8
No. of Attacks: 1
Damage/Attacks: 2d8
Special Attack: Swallow, Crush
Special Defense: Psionic & Spell Immunity
Magic Resistance: Nil
Size: G (30 feet long)
Morale: Special
XP Value: 9,000

Zombie Mekillot
Zombie Mekillots are the reanimated remains of mighty lizards that weigh up to six tons. They have huge, mound-shaped bodies that are as long as 30 feet. A thick shell covers the back and head of a mekillot, providing good defense (AC 5) against attacks. Its underside has a softer shell that’s more vulnerable to damage (AC 7). The condition of the mekillot's corpse is not changed by the animating spell. If the corpse was missing a limb, the zombie mekillot created from it would be missing the same limb. Most zombie mekillots are in sorry shape, usually missing skin and flesh, and sometimes even bones. Living mekillots tend to move slowly, zombie mekillots even more so. The rotting stench from a zombie mekillot might be noticeable up to 500 feet away, depending upon the condition of the body.

Zombie mekillots move very slowly and strike last in a combat round. A zombie mekillot’s long tongue strikes with amazing speed and power (inflicting 2d8 points of damage). On a natural roll of 20, the tongue grasps the target it hit and pulls it toward the mekillot’s gaping maw. The target must save versus paralyzation or be swallowed whole. Swallowed beings are nearly helpless. They can’t use any attack forms except for psionics, and after 2d6 hours they are consumed by the rotting beast’s foul digestive juices. Mekillots have a second special attack form, but it’s used as a purely defensive reaction. When something crawls beneath a mekillot, the creature instinctively drops to its belly to protect its softer undershell. The weight of the zombie mekillot causes crushing damage (2d12 points).
They always fight until called off or destroyed, but priests can turn them back. Like most undead, zombie mekillots are immune to sleep, charm, hold, death magic, poisons, and cold-based spells. A vial of holy water inflicts 2-8 points of damage to a zombie mekillot.

Zombie mekillots are usually found in the armies of the sorcerer monarchs. Up to three wizards or priests may combine their casting of animate dead to animate a zombie mekillot. The multiple casters must be at least 7th level and their total levels must add up to twenty-eight.
Outside of the Tablelands, uncontrolled zombie mekillots may be found in the Dead Lands.

Zombie mekillots are not natural creations and have no role in ecology or nature.

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