Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Session Eighty-Nine: The Unspoken One

The group stared at the giant beast before them. She spoke to them, her voice was weak. She told them that she was a rain drake and the servants of magma had imprisoned her in the volcano. She was much too large to leave the cave and wards had been constructed to keep from leaving through magic or the way. That was why she had such a difficult time contacting them with her telepathy. She also told them that the servants of magma were slowly draining her life and natural magical properties, for their own nefarious purposes.
The group began devising a strategy for her to escape. After a lengthy discussion, they came to the conclusion that, despite their many powers, they could not free the rain drake. She told them not to worry, that she had resigned herself to death long ago, but she did need their help. She produced two large, soft shelled eggs. She explained that these were her eggs and had to be taken back to the Paraelemental Plane of Rain, or they would die.
Raco didn't understand what the Paraelemental Plane of Rain was, so she explained it to him. Samson reluctantly took the eggs, wrapped them in a wet cloth, and put them in his half-giant sized backpack. Cheet asked the rain drake what would happen to her. The rain drake smiled weakly and said now that her eggs were safe, she could finely die.

The group left the cavern, solemnly. The Lord of the Mind told the group that the next gemstone was a few hundred feet above them. When the group passed through the room, where the previous group had perished, which they had nicknamed the room of death, they were shocked to discover that Alaxander was standing. Everyone froze. Raco cautiously approached him and whispered Alaxander's name.
Alaxander turned to face Raco. His eyes had turned sky blue and small wisps of black and gray smoke oozed from the corners of his mouth. Raco asked Alaxander if he was, in fact, Alaxander. Alaxander spoke and said that he and Alaxander were friends once, and he was called The Unspoken One. As he spoke, a soft blue light could be seen in his throat and more smoke leaked from his mouth. He explained further; The Unspoken One was trapped in a cold, dark prison and Alaxander had freed him. He also explained that he too wanted to kill Kalak and was coming to Alaxander, in order to give him information. The infiormation was that Kalak had two of the gemstones inside his golden tower. He was saddened at Alaxander's death. 
He took Alaxander's body, because Alaxander was a powerful master of the way. Raco asked him, if he possessed Alaxander's power with the way and The Unspoken One said that he did. He then asked if The Unspoken One would assist them with another problem. The Unspoken One agreed to do so.
Raco lead him back to the rain drake's chamber. The Unspoken One tried to open a dimensional gateway, but the way was blocked. Cheet tried to dispel the magic, which was preventing the way from being used, but failed to do so. The spell was more powerful than Cheet could dispel. 
They, again, apologized to the rain drake, but she had come to terms with her fate. She told them that she could rest well, as long as her eggs were well taken care of. The group bid her farewell, again, and left her chamber.
The group started going through the volcano, winding their way upward. They fought groups of firenewts and frilled flame lizards along the way. The Unspoken One fought with them; he fought by grabbing the firenewts and draining them of their body heat. His attacks creeped out Cheet and Kraah.
Near the top of the volcano, the group entered a wyvern's nest. Here, there was a small army of firenewts, frilled flame lizards, and a very large wyvern. The wyvern stung Cheet and she could feel the poison coursing through her veins. Samson used his magic to slow the poison. Dimitria used her will to put the wyvern asleep. Without their pet, the firenewts did not stand much of a chance. Even though one of the firenewts was a magma priest and another was a mind bender, the group managed to defeat them.
The group searched the wyvern's nest, being careful to to wake the wyvern, and found a gemstone. The gemstone said it was the The Lord of the Heart and it was ready to kill the Ogre Doom. The group asked The Unspoken One to open a dimensional gateway, so they could escape the volcanic island. He agreed to do and used the way.
A dimensional gateway opened and the group stepped inside.

Join us next time for another exciting session of Adventures Under the Dark Sun. 
2nd edition AD&D Dark Sun Cast of Player Characters 
Dimitria: Human female druid. 20 years old. Played by Mary. Speaks Urikite, Raamin, and Tyrian.
Raco: Mul male psychometbolist. 20 years old. Played by Dave. Speaks Dwarf and Tyrian.
Samsun: Half-Giant water cleric/fighter. 37 years old. Played by Ben. Speaks Giant and Tyrian.
Kraah: Aarakocra air cleric.17 years old. Played by Chad. Speaks Aarakocra, Tyrian, Balician, and Gulgish.
Cheet: Human female preserver. 24 years old. Played by my wife. Speaks Drajish and Tyrian.
Yusef: Human male thief. 24 years old. NPC party member. Speaks Tyrian, Nibnese, and Urikite.

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