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Session One Hundred Six: Creatures of the Forest Ridge

Rafiq was physically, but not mentally exhausted. He mentally connected to Dimitria and had her give him the location of her guarded lands. Using the way, he was able to remotely view her guarded lands and then find his way south, to the Lost Oasis. This turned out to be taxing than he thought and he had to meditate for a few minutes, to regain some mental strength.
Without warning, a huge, hairy beast leapt onto Clavis and bit him. The group was completely surprised. The beast was fast and blood thirsty, Dimitria recognized it as a sloth.
The sloth was vicious and, even when badly wounded, refused to give up. The group took some serious wounds, but were able to defeat the creature. Magically healing was applied and the group moved from the area, afraid the noise would attract more animals or, worse, more halflings.
As they moved off, they talked about what to do next. When Dimitria mentioned that they knew two of the gems were near Tyr, Rafiq asked them what they were talking about. Yusef protested, but Dimitria introduced Rafiq and Selia to the Lord of the Mind. She then explained how the gems worked and that their goal was to destroy the ogre doom. Rafiq and Selia asked what an ogre was and they told them what they knew about the extinct race. When Selia touched the Lord of the Mind, the memories of Julius, transferred to her mind.
Rafiq then met the Lord of the Arms and the Lord of the Heart. He admitted that he thought the group was crazy for thinking they could kill Kalak. Now, he understood, the gems truly believed that, when united, the could destroy the Tyrant of Tyr. Rafiq was only half supporting the group earlier, but now decided to support them completely. Yusef continued to not completely trust Rafiq.
Rafiq meditated for an hour and, as he told the group he was ready for them to depart, a kirre jumped down from a tree and onto his back. It narrowly avoided biting the back of his neck.
The large feline focused it's attacks at Rafiq, clawing and biting him. It used it's tail to swipe at any other group member who got too close. Selia tried to shoot the kirre, but missed and hit Rafiq instead. She shouted an apology.
After a brief, but fierce battle, the kirre was killed. Selia used her bone skinning knife to dress the carcass, keeping the hide and as much meat as they could carry.
Afterward, Rafiq used the way to teleport the group to the Lost Oasis. The group was quite exhausted and took little time setting up camp and a watch rotation. Yusef did not trust Rafiq to watch, so he volunteered to take a watch, something he had never done before. The group tried to argue that Rafiq had already kept watch, but Yusef said that was before he discovered the truth about the gems. The group didn't much care, so they let Yusef keep watch.
Dimitria was awakened for her watch, while Ral was in the sky. During her watch, Abbas appeared and the two shared a drink of water and a nice chat about her new companions. They then mourned for their lost companions. Abbas, one of the druids who guarded the Lost Oasis, reveled that he was worried Dimitria would not survive her perilous quest. Dimitria told him not to worry; that she'd be fine. He departed when her watch was over.

Day 1, Week 2, Fifthover, Friend's Vengeance, 190th King's Age, Sun Descending

When they woke up in the morning, Kraah preached a sermon, glorifying air and asking for its blessings. Clavis cooked a tasty breakfast of seasoned kirre meat. The group decided to try to go to the Blue Shrine, whatever that was, and empowering the bone sword.
While they were talking, Clavis became very interested in the water. He saw little creatures in it and thought it was weird. The water was calm and looked like glass, so he tried to walk on it and fell in.
The group rushed over, when they heard Clavis splashing around. Selia grabbed a stick and held it out for Clavis to grab. Dimitria threw a rope, but did not secure it to anything. Kraah flew over him and tried to hold him above the water, but the muscular man was too heavy.
Clavis grabbed the stick Selia was offering. Then, as if they needed things to get worse, something grabbed Clavis' leg and pulled him under water. Selia was dragged in after him. She started panicking and splashing around as well.

Join us next time for another exciting session of Adventures Under the Dark Sun. 
2nd edition AD&D Dark Sun Cast of Player Characters 
Dimitria: Human female druid. 20 years old. Played by Mary. Speaks Urikite, Raamin, and Tyrian.
Clavis: Human male gladiator. 30 years old. Played by Dave. Speaks Drajish and Tyrian.
Rafiq: Human male psychoporter. 25 years old. Played by Ben. Speaks Tyrian, Balican, Raamin, and Urkite.
Kraah: Aarakocra male air cleric.17 years old. Played by Chad. Speaks Aarakocra, Tyrian, Balician, and Gulgish.
Selia: Half-elf female ranger. 27 years old. Played by my wife. Speaks Elf and Tyrian.
Yusef: Human male thief. 24 years old. NPC party member. Speaks Tyrian, Nibnese, and Urikite.

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