Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Shepherd and the Defiler. A Dark Sun Fable.

During the 188th King's Age, Dragon's Contemplation, an intelligent Defiler lived, who was wonderfully skilled in the preparation of herbs. For years he had been occupied in searching for a peculiar kind of grass, the roots of the grass could be burned and if a man is thrown into the flames, the body would turn into gold. It occurred to this Defiler, while following a herd of carru, that he observed one of the carru eating the very grass he was so anxious to procure. He immediately rooted it up and asked the shepherd, who was near to assist him, to gather firewood. When he had collected the wood and kindled a flame, into which the grass was thrown, the Defiler, wishing to render the shepherd the victim of his avarice, asked him, under some pretense, to make a few circuits around the fire. The man, suspecting foul play, watched for his opportunity and seized the Defiler. He then threw him into the fire. Upon seeing the Defiler's body turn to gold, the shepherd abandoned his carru and decided to retire to the city. On his way to the city, with his bags of gold, the shepherd ran afoul of Elven raiders and was never heard from again.

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