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Magosa, a tiny trade village.

Magosa is a tiny trade village one day walk from Altaruk, along the Altaruk-Gulg road. Magosa was founded by a small group of ex-slaves. There are only twenty-two permanent residents that live in the village directly, with a small erdlu ranch within half a days walk from the village. The leader of the village is called the Pasha. The Pasha was selected when the village was founded and no plans were made for the transfer of power if the current Pasha dies. Magosa has eleven acres of yucca trees growing in the hills around the village.
Magosa is nearly self sustaining, but needs trade to survive. The village can produce many survival goods from their yucca trees, like clothing and food, and is aided by the nearby erdlu ranch. However, the village's well is barely adequate to provide for the village and the yucca trees. Magosa also does not have a weaponsmith, armorsmith, or a supply of obsidian.
The bone gates of Magosa are closed at night and the entrance hallway has two additional gates to slow down an attack. The open air market area is often set up with tents to sell the few goods the residents produce. The roofs of the buildings are made of erdlu hide and the walls are stone or wattle and daub. The outside walls and entrance hallway walls are two feet thick stone. Inside walls are ten inches thick and made of wattle and daub.
The village, when measured from the outside, measures 225 feet by 199 feet. Slaves are not permitted inside the walls of Magosa, but are officially tolerated outside.

Imports: Water, Weapons, Obsidian, Rice, Hemp, Livestock
Exports: Fruit, Clothing, Alcohol, Erdlu Eggs, Bone and Stone Tools

Altan Hassan, Dwarf. Seventy four years old. He is one of the founders of the village. Ex-gladiator and current Pasha. Altan has a crooked nose and has many tattoos. He is very confident and extremely loyal to Magosa.
Ilkay Hassan, Dwarf. Fifty nine years old. She is married to Altan. She was a slave in Nibenay, but has been trained to fight by her husband and is also the brewer. She makes a good alcoholic drink from yucca fruit. She is quiet and a bit paranoid.
Nassar Hassan, Dwarf. Twenty years old. Son of Altan and Ilkay. He has not yet reached the age of maturity for a Dwarf, but his father is training him to fight. He is messy and loud.
Emir Yilmaz, Human. Forty two years old. Owner/operator of the erdlu ranch near Magosa. He aided in the founding of Magosa, but chose to open an erdlu farm nearby. He has a hooked nose and bushy eyebrows. He is short tempered and does not suffer fools.
Dilay Yilmaz, Human. Thirty eight years old. Married to Emir and helps runs the erdlu farm. She has a slave brand from Nibenay on her nack. She is prone to forgetfulness and clears her throat often.
Fikri Yilmaz, Human. Nineteen years old. Son of Emir and Dilay. Works at the erdlu ranch. Fikri takes foolish chances when there are women around, in foolish attempts to impress them. He also has an odd habit of rubbing his hands together.
Lutfi Yilmaz, Human. Seventeen years old. Son of Emir and Dilay. Works at the erdlu farm. Lutfi is naive and believes the most outrageous tall tales. When nervous, he is prone to whistle.
Havva Yilmaz, Human. Fourteen years old. Daughter of Emir and Dilay. Works at erdlu farm. While quite beautiful, Havva is often confused and laughs too often.
Haluk Yilmaz, Human. Forty years old. Brother of Emir and works as a guard in Magosa. He is missing his left hand and is quite rude to everyone.
Riza Demir, Human. Twenty two years old. Riza is short and often cocks his head to one side when talking to others. He hates Elves, because a tribe of Elf raiders killed his parents.
Firat Demir, Human. Twenty four years old. Firat is a guard. He has an impressive mustache and can be quite aggressive at times. He is also very gassy.
Leyla Demir, Human. Five years old. Daughter of Firat. Leyla always appears half asleep and is a compulsive liar.
Kamal El-Amin, Human. Twenty eight years old. Kamal is Magosa's leather worker. He is impatient and defensive.
Fatma El-Amin, Human. Seven years old. Daughter of Kamal. Fatma is curious and loves meeting travelers. She has also shown a talent in learning languages and currently speaks five; Nibenese, Balican, Tyrian, Gulgish, and Dwarf.
Amir El-Amin, Human. Eighteen years old. Brother of Kamal. Amir works at the erdlu farm and is there most of the time. Amir is a letch and enjoys the company of women. He is prone to fidgeting and often tells bad jokes.
Essa Twafeek, Human. Twenty years old. Brother of Serkham and Esin. Essa has a brand on his chest from Balic and appears pale. Essa is a misogynist and is prone to headaches.
Serkham Twafeek, Human. Seventeen years old. Brother of Esin and Essa. Serkham is a guard. He is uncouth.
Esin Twafeek, Human. Seventeen years old. Sister of Essa and Serkham. Esin is the brewer's apprentice. She is a coward and sings terribly.
Devrim Ajam, Human. Thirty six years old. Co-founder of Magosa. He is the Captain of the Guard. He has white hair. He is confident and is loyal.
Asli Ajam, Human. Thirty two years old. Asli is a guard. She is brave and repeats herself often.
Hanif Ajam, Human. Sixteen years old. Works at erdlu farm. Hanif has a well-groomed beard. He has a hoarse voice and is melancholic.
Larissa Ajam, Human. Three years old. She is curious and loud.
Hashim Hakim, Human. Twenty eight years old. Brother of Karida. Owner/Operator of the only tavern in Magosa. He is energetic and drums his fingers when not doing something.
Karida Hakim, Human. Twenty six years old. Sister of Hashim. Owner/Operator of the only Inn in Magosa. Karida thinks highly of herself and often exaggerates her accomplishments.
Advia Yusuf, Human. Eighteen years old. She is the weaver's apprentice. Adiva talks slowly and is often sad.
Safia Yusuf, Human. Seventeen years old. Serving girl at the tavern. She is pretty, quite vain, and dresses suggestively. She keeps herself clean, for Athas, and smells nice most of the time.
Basam Abdoo, Human. Eighteen years old. Basam is the leather working apprentice. He is a hypochondriac and is always nervous.
Hayfa Abdoo, Human. One year old. Like all one year olds, Hayfa is curious and messy. She is shy also.
Ashan Yahya, Human. Thirty three years old. Ashan is the bonesmith in Magosa. She is intelligent, but picks her nose often and has reddish brown stains on her teeth and gums from chewing betel nuts.
Rafi Khoury, Half-Elf. Nineteen years old. Rafi is the bronesmith apprentice. He has a slave brand on his neck from Nibenay. He can be quite argumentative, but is talented at bonesmithing.
Quamar Mallah, Human. Twenty nine years old. Quamar is the weaver in Magosa. He is shy and is slight of build.
Izzat Hammad, Human. Thirty years old. Izzat is the tanner. He is a nervous and clumsy man.

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