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Yuan-Ti of Athas Part Two: Settlements

Yuan-ti by Tomis-JB
If you missed it, here's part one.

Currently, the yuan-ti have two major settlements. One is named Tavara Ssarpale, it is located in the Ringing Mountains north of the Smoking Crown Mountains. The second is named Pahada Sskati, it is located in the Kreegill Mountains, north of Raam.
Tavara Ssarpale is the original home of the yuan-ti. It is here the Ssassaka (great leader) commands his subjects. The city is built of the native stone and is designed to blend in with the mountains. The only exception stands in the middle of the city, a fifty foot tower named Ssarpale Ghara.
This tower is made of granite and has no windows. There is only a single door at the top. A ramp winds it's way around the outside, leading to the entrance at its peak. The ramp is carved to resemble a giant snake winding its way upward. There is a circle of twelve snakes adorning the top of the tower. The inside walls are carved with scenes glorifying the yuan-ti and serpents in general.

The remaining dwellings in Tavara Ssarpale are large single story dwellings with ramps that descend into basements. The yuan-ti live on the ground floor, with slaves living beneath them. The yuan-ti are carnivorous, so they do not farm for themselves, but do have slaves grow vegetation for the yuan-ti's slaves and herd animals. The yuan-ti herd erdlu, kitsu, and rats for their own nourishment.
Tavara Ssarpale has no walls, but high rocks used as watch towers, which are constantly staffed by sainikas. Radditokarima (histachii soldiers) patrol the area, lead by a sainika (soldier), who are perpetually searching for trespassers. Tavara Ssarpale has a population of eight-thousand.
Pahada Sskati is built into the side of a mountain. This village is also crafted to blend in with its surroundings. Windows, that allow in the warm sun, and bone poles, which allow the yuan-ti to climb are the only indication that the village is present. The village is laid out with narrow paths that join small clusters of homes and slave pens.
"What is steel compared to the hand that wields it?"
Most of the yuan-ti of Pahada Sskati are stationed there in order to provide easier access to the trade roads. Although, there are also small groups that dare to venture into the ruins of Yaramuke to search for anything useful. There are a great number of assuddha (purebloods) in Pahada Sskati, but the leader is a kamandara ssuddha (general abomination). Pahada Sskati has a population of three-thousand.
Characters are most likely to encounter jassussa assuddha (merchant/spy purebreeds) from Pahada Sskati. They will try to learn as much as they can about the characters and nearby cities without giving anything away about themselves. Any non-human features will be hidden, or explained away as a mutation.
There are yuan-ti communities unconnected with the nation under the control of the Ssassaka. These villages are usually built to blend in with the surroundings to avoid discovery. These yuan-ti are considered outcasts by their brethren. If they are discovered by the yuan-ti nation, the Ssassaka will order their destruction.

More to come in Part Three.

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