Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Baazrag and His Reflection. A Dark Sun Fable.

A baazrag had found a dead erdlu and was carrying a large chunk of meat to its home. As he crossed an obsidian plane, he looked down and saw himself reflected in the dark volcanic glass. Baazrags are not very smart and this baazrag thought his reflection was another baazrag, with a larger chunk of meat. The baazrag became envious and thought he deserved the largest chunk of meat.
Instead of being happy with what he had, he dropped his meat and sprang at the other baazrag. The thin sheet of obsidian concealed a pit, filled with jagged shards of glass. The baazrag was not heavy enough to break the obsidian if he had simply walked across the thin sheet, but by leaping at it, he managed to shatter it. The baazrag fell into the pit and was sliced into ribbons.
Vultures devoured the baazrag, as well as the erdlu meat he once carried.

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