Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Templar and the Citizen. A Dark Sun Fable.

A simple-minded and trusting human citizen of Nibenay was asked to join a group of cheerful elves. The elves were planning on visiting one of the Shadow King's fields outside of the city and the human citizen agreed to go with them. The elves saw the food was nearing harvest and starting picking the food for themselves. The citizen watched the elves, but did not gather any of the food for himself.
A templar soon emerged from the field, with a large group of guards in tow. The guards seized the citizen and a couple of the elves, but most of the elves dashed away into the wilderness. The citizen begged the templar to spare him.
"Please let me go," he pleaded. "I am a citizen in good standing. I have never broken any laws and I was not stealing the food. I did not know the Elves were going to steal."
"You may be a good citizen," answered the templar, "but I caught you with the thieving elves. You will face the same punishment as them."

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