Thursday, November 26, 2020

Undead Athasian Turkey

In honor of Thanksgiving, the United States holiday, I gave stats for the Athasian Turkey, which is mentioned in the Veiled Alliance sourcebook, last year. This year, I present the undead version of the terrible beast.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey, Undead
Climate/Terrain Any
Frequency Very Rare
Organization Flock
Activity Cycle Night
Diet Nil
Intelligence Non- (0)
Treasure Nil
Alignment Neutral Evil
No. Appearing 1-20
Armor Class 6
Movement 12
Hit Dice 4+4
Thac0 16
No. of Attacks 1
Damage/ Attack 1-8
Special Attack Disease
Special Defense Spell Immunity
Magic Resistance Nil
Size S (3' + tall)
Morale Fearless (19-20)
XP Value 420

Undead Turkey
Magically created undead turkeys are created by evil magic wielders, or spontaniously in magically warped areas. These creatures hate all living beings, even their creators. Undead turkeys are fast and dangerous. They travel in flocks up to 20. Undead turkeys cannot fly.
Undead turkeys have excellent eyesight and reduce, by 5%, a character's chance of hiding in shadows and are only surprised on a roll of 1 or 2.

Undead turkeys hate all living creatures and attack them on sight. The undead turkey uses their vicious serrated beak that inflicts 1d8 points of damage. In addition, the undead turkey carries a disease. Those who are struck with the undead turkey's beak attack must save vs poison, or suffer the effects of turkey fever.
Turkey fever causes sweating and uncontrolled gobbling. Every 24 hours that an individual is infected, they lose 1 point of intelligence and 1 point of wisdom. If either intelligence, or wisdom are reduced to 1, the victim believes themselves to be a turkey.
Turkey fever may be treated with magic, or with the herbalism non-weapon proficiency. Every successful use of the herbalism non-weapon proficiency allows the victim to roll another saving throw vs poison to throw off the disease. Intelligence and winsdom return at a rate of 1 point each per day.
Undead turkeys are immune to sleep, charm, hold, death magic, poisons, and cold-based spells. A holy element inflicts 2-8 points of damage to an undead turkey.

Undead turkeys have no set habitat, they roam all over Athas seeking to kill the living.

Undead tukeys are unnatural creatures and have no role in the ecology of Athas.

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