Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Adventure Idea 5

 For DM eyes only.

A slave village within 20 miles of the silt sea, or the silt estuary, was once prospering. Recently, it has had a terrible crop season and, to make matters worse, is being regularly attacked by silt runners. They need help.
The only valuales they have to give to their saviors are a few bits of copper and brass, worth whatever the DM feels is appropriate for their game.
However, one of the villagers is a silt cleric and purposefully ruined their crops. In addition, the silt cleric has hired the silt runner tribe to harass the village. The cleric is slowing ruining the land, but needs the villagers gone to complete their work, which is expanding the silt sea/estuary.
If the PCs get involved and are actually defeating the silt runners, the cleric will attempt to kill them in their sleep, or with poison in their food or drink. The cleric will not reveal him/herself if it can be avoided.

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