Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Dragon Mountain

I was so busy this week, I had little opportunity to work on Dark Sun ideas. So, I decided to share some thoughts about a recent acquisition of mine, the AD&D Boxed Set, Dragon Mountain. This is not a Dark Sun product, but let's not hold that against it.
I have not read it in it's entirety, yet, but I did look through the three books and various other items. The adventure reminds me a great deal of the JRR Tolkien book, The Hobbit. I am convinced this was not a mistake.
I imagine this could be adapted to Dark Sun, by using a drake as the main antagonist, or some other powerful foe.

Below I have included the character tiles that came with this boxed set. I must point out that the kobold minis have pictures of goblins on them. I find this funny.

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