Thursday, January 17, 2019

Dwarves of Athas Part 1: Forged in Fire and Stone

Dwarf, hair removed.
 I am Karpos, human merchant from Balic. I have traveled the Tablelands and learned much of the various races that live here. I trade a great deal with the villages of North and South Ledopolus. In that time, I have learned a great deal of the Dwarves. Dwarves usually won't answer questions, unless it has to do with their focus. However, if they trust you and you buy them a few drinks, you may hear a story of two.
My friend Kallias is considered quite the beauty by her fellow Dwarves and she gets quite talkative after few mugs of mead. Seven mugs to be exact, which cost me more than I was wanted to spend, but after a long journey, I found her company pleasant and her tale fascinating.

Forged in Fire and Stone
Athas was created by a powerful being, simply called the creator. Others have named the creator Durgonis, but that's nonsense. The creator had no name. The creator was both male and female and had hold of all of the elements. This creator created the sky, the stars, the moons, and Athas itself, but it wasn't like Athas today. It was a bitterly cold wasteland. There were no cities, or even villages, as no intelligent race existed. The creator looked upon his creation and wept a single tear, for there were no other beings to enjoy his creation.
This one tear fell into a volcano. The tear was changed by the molten mixture of rock and fire, it became life. This new creature crawled from the molten lava and was cooled by the cold air. The creator called this creature, which was made of all four elements, Dwarf and named him Torran. Because of the cold, however, Torran had hair to keep him warm. Torran had a love of creation, like the creator itself. Together, they created more.
They created more Dwarves and then the other races. Dwarves had a greater portion of Earth, to make then strong and resilient. Humans were crafted from equal amounts of each element to make them balanced. Elves had a greater portion of air, to make them swift, and Halfings had a greater portion of fire, to make them fierce.

It was here I interrupted and asked her what about Thri-Kreen, Pterrans, and Nikaal. She dismissed my questions with a wave of her hand. I suspect she did not know the answer, but was too proud to admit it.

The creator looked upon all he Torran and had created and was again disappointed. These new creations had life, but no sentience. The creator sat and thought for hundred years. During this time, Torran built the first city to house their creations. When Torran had laid the last stone, the creator told him why the other races were not sentient. The creators tear had a portion of the creator themself and imbued Torran with the sentience of the creator. If their creations were to have true life, then the creator must give their own life force to them.
Torran begged the creator not to die, so their creations could live, but the creator was driven. The creator explained that it's purpose was to create and give life. Without this, the creator would have no purpose. Torran understood and bowed to the creators will.
First, the creator breathed another portion of it's life upon the Dwarf and explained that Dwarves alone would be blessed with a life purpose. The other races would simply wander aimlessly through life, but all Dwarves would remember the creator through their life focus. Then, the creator blew on the other races and on Athas itself. The other races slowly began to gain sentience and Athas warmed with the creators breath.
So, you see, the creator died so we could live. The creator blessed us Dwarves with a purpose driven life. We feel sorry for you other races, because you have to always wonder if you have a purpose in life.

I tried to ask how Dwarves lost their hair and other questions, but she refused to answer. Other Dwarves told me that Kallias was wrong and Dwarves have always been bald, or that Dwarves cast away their hair when Athas become too hot. I even had some tell me that Dwarves are not bald, they shave everyday. Although I think the last explanation was just Dwarves having fun at my expense.

Note from Rajaat99: I know I am not much of a writer, but I hope this was enjoyable. I plan on writing various articles about the Dwarves of Athas and combine them into an ebook. I feel that Dwarves really should have got their own book. Comments and criticism are welcome and encouraged.

More coming in Part Two.


  1. I really love all the myths and fables you've done! Thanks for an awesome blog and the best unofficial Dark Sun content I found!

  2. Thank you. I'm glad you are enjoying it!