Thursday, January 28, 2021

New Poison: Class Q

Class Q poison is a light gray powder that must be ingested to take effect. The onset time is 1d4 x 30 minutes. When the onset time elapses, the victim of class Q poison must succeed at a saving throw vs poison. If the save is successful, the victim feels nauseous, pain in their stomach, and may vomit. The victim will suffer 2d4 damage, but should fully recover. A failed save indicates that the victim will suffer from severe stomach pain, vomiting blood, and vertigo. The victim will suffer 2d4 x 10 points of damage. If left untreated, the victim must make another saving throw vs poison after another 1d4 x 30 minutes. If this second save is successful, the victim will still feel terrible for 1d4 days, but can expect to make a full recovery. If this second save fails, the victim will die.
Class Q poison is useful for poisoning food or drink and then making an escape. The victim will not know they are poisoned for sometime later, which will allow the poisoner to get far away and to avoid suspicion.
The ingredients for class Q poison are somewhat difficult to find, but are  most available in the rocky badlands. Long term physical contact with class Q poison will cause redness and swelling to the skin, but will not cause the loss of any hit points.

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