Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Athasian Mutations Part One

In the original core boxed set, page thirteen under the Humam heading, the text mentions that humans have been twisted by magic. In the rules book, it mentions that this twisting changes human's appearance, but has no additional effect. While this does allow for a variety of strangeness, I thought it might be interesting to explore these mutations further.
I recently introduced a tribe of humans with burnt orange skin. This skin is a harmless mutation due to the magical contamination of the drinking water. So, if a human lives off of this source of water for an extended period of time, their skin will eventually become orange.
I thought it might be helpful to create a chart of random visual mutations that humans, or a human group, may possess. These mutations do not provide any game rule changes, they only change a character's appearance and make them more unique. Encountering a group of humans with green robes and blue keffiyehs is interesting, but it might make your players think twice if they all also have pale violet eyes.
DM's should feel free to roll 1d100 to determine random aspects of a human, or human group. Fell free to roll as many times as you wish and alter any mutations as you see fit. In addition, player character's may manifest a mutation if damaged in an area of twisted magic.
Please note that white and black indicate ranges of color beyond the spectrum of normal human skin tones.

Roll Appearance Mutation
001 Unusual eye color: Red
002 Unusual eye color: Orange
003 Unusual eye color: Yellow
004 Unusual eye color: Violet
005 Unusual eye color: White
006 Unusual eye color: Black
007 Unusual eye color: Eyes are two different colors. They may be common, or uncommon colors.
008 Unusual eye color: Unusual pupil shape. (Roll 1d4. 1: Vertical Oval Pupils, 2: Horizontal Oval Pupils, 3: Slit Pupils, 4: Square pupils)
009 Unusual skin color: Red
010 Unusual skin color: Orange
011 Unusual skin color:Yellow
012 Unusual skin color: Green
013 Unusual skin color: Blue
014 Unusual skin color: Violet
015 Unusual skin color: Black
016 Unusual skin color: White
017 Unusual skin color: Stripped. Choose two different colors. They may be common, or uncommon colors.
018 Unusual skin color: Spotted. Choose two different colors. They may be common, or uncommon colors.
019 Unusual hair color: Red
020 Unusual hair color: Green
021 Unusual hair color: Blue
022 Unusual hair color: Violet
023 Unusual hair color: Multiple Colors. Choose 2d3 different colors. They may be common, or uncommon colors.
024 Webbed Fingers
025 Webbed Toes
026 Long Arms (1d12 inches longer than normal.)
027 Long Legs (1d12 inches longer than normal.)
028 Large Chin
029 Large Forehead
030 Pointed Ears
031 Scaly Appearing Skin (Not true scales.)
032 Hairless
033 Unusually Hairy, Arms and Legs
034 Unusually Hairy, Face and Head
035 Unusually Hairy, Chest and Back
036 Unusually Hairy, Everywhere
037 Snout Instead of Nose
038 Six Fingers on One Hand
039 Six Fingers on Both Hands
040 Six Toes on One Foot
041 Six Toes on Both Feet
042 Short, Non-Prehensile Tail
043 Short, Non-Combative Horns
044 Pointed Teeth
045 Forked Tongue
046 Small, Useless Wings.
047 Extremely Low-Pitched Voice
048 Extremely High-Pitched Voice.
049 Slightly Smells Like Fresh Earth
050 Slightly Smells Like Salt Water
051 Slightly Smells Like Charcoal
052 A Breeze Always Seems to Follow Human
053 Slightly Smells Like Dust
054 Slightly Smells Like Sulfur
055 Always Seems to be Warm to the Touch
056 Slightly Smells Like Petrichor (The smell right before it rains.)
057 Four Fingers on One Hand
058 Four Fingers on Both Hands
059 Four Toes on One Foot
060 Four Toes on Both Feet
061 Hair has Appearance of Quills
062 Hair has Appearance of Feathers
063 Skin is very Wrinkled, Making the Human Appear Older
064 One Arm is Insectoid (Like a Thri-Kreen.)
065 Both Arms are Insectoid (Like a Thri-Kreen.)
066One Leg is Insectoid (Like a Thri-Kreen.)
067 Both Legs are Insectoid (Like a Thri-Kreen.)
068 Cat-Like Wiskers
069 One Arm is Scaled
070 Both Arms are Scaled
071 One Leg is Scaled
072 Both Legs are Scaled
073 Body has Patches of Chitin.
074 Slight Hunchback
075 Pronounced Forehead
076 Sloping Forehead
077 1D12 Inches Taller than Normal
078 1D12 Inches Shorter than Normal
079 Hair Grows in an Usual Fashion (Such as a mohawk or in patches.)
080 Small Tusks
081 Small Fangs
082 Hair Grows like a Lion's Mane
083 One Foot is Hooved
084 Both Feet are Hooved
085 Unusually Large Mouth
086 Unusually Small Mouth
087 Antennae
088 Dermal Ridges (Bone deposits form usual ridges underneath skin.)
089 Bulging Eyes (Like a chameleon.)
090 Skin has Dark Spot Over One Eye
091 Skin has Light Spot Over One Eye
092 Skin has Dark Spots Over Both Eyes
093 Skin has Light Spots Over Both Eyes
094 Ear Tufts
095 Third Blind Eye (Usually in the center of the forehead.)
096 Fingernails appear to be stone.
097 Flat Nose (Small, or no noticeable nose beyond nostril openings.)
098 Hair Appears as Plant Matter (Vines, grass, leaves, etc..)
099 Unusually Large Eyes
Unusually Small Eyes


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